Tuesday Template: Gathering Insight With The Post-Event Feedback Form


by 123FormBuilder

Spring is near and conferences, weddings and all kind of events are blooming all around the world. The positive energy in the air can give you the push to learn new things and strive to grow. And opportunities and more than enough, from educational forums to international conferences, local meetings, everything is possible. But let’s cross the borderline and change perspectives, and understand what all this means for a business or an event organizer.

Well, beside a ton of work, stress and efforts, these events are also a great way to interact with your public and a new space to explore. You must have your tools sharpened and ready for action. Your form builder is always there to help you. How – you ask? In more ways than you can think of.

In the first step you can create your event registration form and streamline the signup process. In the second step you could enable a web form to work as a suggestion box during the event and assign a person to review the inquiries. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn, because the form could be accessed instantly from any device and it takes less than a minute to add a message.

Last but not least, you can use the almighty feedback form. All the power held within it’s in your hands to enable. Start from a simple feedback form template and create the ultimate form to dive in the ocean of attendee insight.

How to leverage the use on an online post-event feedback form

A customized form can come in many shapes and colors. It can reflect your brand identity, it can showcase your creativity or your elegance and rigor. Gathering feedback is not just a mundane activity in event planning, it can be a marketing effort to develop new ideas for future campaigns or events. Here’s a sneak peek on how your attendees will see your feedback form:

feedback form post-event

But let’s take a look behind the curtains and understand what kind of usability it provides.

1. Strengthens your contacts database
For sure you use a CRM to handle contacts and organize your database. If you use 123FormBuilder, you can export all the wanted data into your favourite CRM with just a few setting tweaks.

 2. Offers a personalized experience
Adding field rules will give the impression that each additional question appears depending on the attendee’s answer. In this way you can make your feedback form friendlier and increase your response rates. (Join our webinar  to find out more about better response rates!)

3. Helps to deal with unsatisfied attendees
Trigger actions according to the outcome of the answers. If you apply some confirmation rules, you can send the answers to different persons in your business, whom are concerned with that particular situation. A great asset to better handle your external communications.

4. Goes hand in hand with your marketing goals
It’s always a good idea to build the form with your marketing plans in mind. For example, you can add a subscribe to newsletter field or you can create a contest out of your feedback form. Or even better, you can use the form as an access gate for downloading presentations from a conference. Know your public and see how far can you go these kind of examples.

Moreover, you can create a feedback form for Facebook, or share it on all your social accounts with Hootsuite, as we presented in a previous article. With 123FormBuilder you have all the necessary 3rd party apps integrations to improve your form experience.

Clean, simple and smart: that is how your post-event feedback form can be like with 123FormBuilder in just 3 easy steps.

Have a great form? Share it with us on Twitter using #TuesdayTemplate. We’re eager to see them.

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