Digital Forms that You Can Easily Customize for Free

Create digital forms with simple drag and drop, no programming is necessary. So, stop wasting time with paper forms and start digitizing them to speed up your data collection efforts. You will be able to access your data from any location around the world.

If you can use 123 Form Builder for free, why wait?

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Over 1.8 million people create digital forms with 123


Regardless of your industry, you can now get rid of the burden of manual data entry by switching to our custom digital forms.


Not having to always keep track of endless trails of paper will leave you more time (and money!) to improve business efficiency and do what you love.


Paperless forms are reliable, environment-friendly and offer real-time performance reports. And what’s even better, you don’t need to be at a desk – you can handle your data collection straight from your mobile device.

Create digital forms as easy as 1-2-3, even if you're nontechie

You don’t need any programming knowledge to draw-up your own digital form. We’re all about drag and drop here! By only clicking a few buttons, you’re all set to go collecting your data.

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Customize your digital form the way you want it

  • Style is important to us as it is to you. This is why we made sure you can personalize anything in your digital forms with an advanced form designer. Whether you need a basic or a complex digital form, you control everything from layout, fonts, colors, types of form fields or language.
  • The ugly side of paper Millions of trees get cut down each year. Not to mention paper forms are often illegible or even lost. Going paperless will help save trees and become more organized. With 123 Form Builder, you create any type of digital form that comes to your mind like order forms, event registration forms, or simple contact forms. And the list can continue with more complex needs such as workflows and online surveys.
  • Take your digital form everywhere! Your mobile device will simply fall in love with custom forms. Our advanced mobile form builder allows you to create and manage your forms even when you are in the field. It even works without an internet connection. Form entries are stored until connectivity is regained, and then all your input data will automatically sync on the cloud.
  • Collect signatures online With 123 Form Builder, you can add signature fields to your digital forms and have people sign them with their mouse or touchscreen. This way, you'll be able to process agreements without having to worry about paper, ever again.

Save & Track Your Data, Safely & Secure

  • No need to be worried about the safekeeping of your form data. Everything is organized to a tee and ready to analyze. Using 123 digital forms you will be able to see the results in real-time and even get to customize the style of the reports you need.
  • Get support from us every step of the way Although our digital form builder is headache-free, our Customer Care team is always available to assist you through the setup process and with any other concern you might have. Even for our FREE plan. You didn’t think you could go even further? Well, we did. Save time and automate all the way, as your form data is easily exported to the cloud or integrated with most of the popular online platforms.
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Start with a Digital Form template

Select the type of digital form you need for your business below or browse our collection for more form templates.

Job Application Form

Use this template
Conference Registration Form

Gather personal details of your job candidates, including their resumes.

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Online Feedback Form

Use this template
Family Reunion Registration Form

Receive feedback from your target audience and generate reports on the spot.

Use this template

Booking Form

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Summer Camp Registration Form

Book guests within minutes directly from your website.

Use this template

Start building your digital form.