Tuesday Template: Rate Your Business With A Customer Feedback Form

Business success is best served on a dish with high customer satisfaction, but getting to know your customers can be a difficult task. That’s where you need a customer feedback form that will help you understand your customers’ needs and how your services or products satisfy them. By collecting the necessary information from your customers you can compile a list of things that may improve your business and get you on track in reaching your milestones.

Building Your Customer Feedback Form

Before you begin creating your customer feedback form, you should think about the type of information you want to gather, the structure of your questions and the weight of the information your customers have to provide. Because you must keep it simple and do not ask for more than you need. The Internet was intended to make things easier and done faster, the same applies to filling out a feedback.

Here are some question examples:

  • How would you rate our prices?
  • Would you recommend our product / service to other people?
  • What should we change in order to live up to your expectations?


customer feedback form

Another aspect that needs to be addressed when creating your customer feedback form is the design. You can style your feedback form as you website or color it as your brand, but remember to keep the customer’s attention focused on answering your questions. Styling your form into Oblivion might not be the best option. The safe word is ‘clean’ – give your customers a clean feedback form.

123FormBuilder has all the necessary tools for creating your customer feedback form, providing even a template that you may use for you business. We recommend using any of the following form fields on your form: likert scale, single choice, multiple choice, star rating and dropdown. You can also consider using the long text field, short text and email.

Managing Your Customer Feedback Form

Paperforms are so yesterday. Web forms are much more advanced and helpful in today’s modern age. They can save you the trouble of having to process the information for yourself. Now you can automate the process and learn valuable things about your business in a flash.

By providing your customer feeebdack form with short questions & answers can help you generate reports instantly that will highlight the strenghs and weaknesses of your services or products. Once you’ve received a first wave of responses, go to the Reports section of your customer feedback form and create a custom report.

  • Click New Report
  • Drag and drop the widgets you need
  • Edit your widgets
  • Hit the Finished button.

customer feedback form - report generation

If you decide to use the online customer feedback form template by 123FormBuilder, you’ll be able to style it with your own brand, add multiple recipients to your email notifications, use conditional logic, add multi-pagination and many more.

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