Top 5 Usages of Web Forms to Simplify an Educator’s Task List


by 123FormBuilder

The clutter and noise that technology brings to education can be a bit overwhelming for teachers. Deciding upon the best tools for your daily tasks will definitely impact the improvement of your workflow. That is why you have to know how you can benefit from the tool you are going to use. Thus, for all educators which consider using a form builder to help them streamline school related activities, here is a handful of usage instances that will help you.

Quizzes and forms for class activities

With 123FormBuilder it’s easy to integrate multimedia elements and create appealing quizzes for knowledge assessments. You can use them for class activities or even in homeschooling. They are easy to create and fun to use.
Having images and videos can keep students engaged and willing to focus on the activity. You can use quizzes in English lessons to learn new expressions, embed videos and add related questions or other interesting activities, depending on what you want to teach or evaluate. Geography, Chemistry and any other subjects are easier to learn and asses in a fun, interactive way. Moreover, with 123FormBuilder at the end of the online quiz you will receive the percentage on the right answers so you will not need to allot an extra effort to review the quiz.

Online quiz

Feedback forms

Educators from any grades need to receive feedback upon their course and class activity. Knowing how your students perceive you and what they like to do during class will help you to constantly improve your teaching skills. You can choose how you formulate the questions so that you will learn specific information or some general guidelines. Forms can remain anonymous, it is your choice to ask for student’s name or not. At the end, you can make use of the 123FormBuilder reports and have a good overview on your current status. Archive the answers and compare them at a later time with a new feedback session.

Online teacher feedback form

Order forms for school materials and donation forms

Since we are the only form builder allowing for multiple payment integrations simultaneously in a single form, it is really easy to collect donations for certain school activities or simply to sell course materials, books and others. Donation forms are easy to create, customize and publish on several web platforms. So no matter if you request a donation or sell a book, your donation or order form can be on any social network, email or website. In addition, you can personalize autoresponders so you can either thank your donor or confirm the order, depending on each case.

Online order form

Parental consent forms

Every educator knows that in order to come up with new and creative learning activities outside the walls of a school you need the approval of students’ parents. Implementing online forms in the quest of getting parents’ support can really ease your work. It is safe, authentic and time efficient. With our digital signature you can make sure that each form is signed by the guardian of the student. Moreover, if you wish to be extra careful you can add password protection to your form and send each parent individually the access code. A parental consent form is a quick and simple solution to get the approval for field trips, special events or any new initiative.

Online parental consent form

Polls and surveys for research

It is always a good idea to make data driven decisions, relying your arrangements on solid information. From new school acquisitions to new courses or activities, it is better to have some data about students’ desire or parents’ opinion first. It’s simple to create an online poll and add it to your main communication channel, which could be a website, a social media group or email. And if you need more details and a better insight you can conduct complex surveys to research a certain subject. You will have reports to backup your decision, showing the general opinion regarding a specific matter.

Online education poll

There are many ways in which forms can aid you. It all depends on your needs and creativity. 123FormBuilder does not require any programming skills, has a drag and drop editor with a friendly interface which will allow you to play with forms as you want. All forms are customizable and can reflect the image of your school through colors, logo or other visual elements.

Feel free to tell us how you envision the role of forms in school related activities. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter also to have daily tips about our form builder.

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