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Brace yourselves, a new feature has arrived! Maybe you have already played a bit with our quiz templates or tried to build your own, but today we strongly encourage you to give them another spin. The newly refurbished quiz section is now a step closer to giving you the perfect outcome with minimum effort. There are three major changes you should look into, but let’s take them step by step.

Countdown timer

You can limit the completion time so that a visitor’s span to fill in the quiz would be set by you. Having a countdown timer can help you have more control over the use of your quiz. It will offer a more secure environment for taking quizzes and will reduce the chance of cheating and using outside sources. This is because we all know that Google is a student’s best friend. But this can be applied in other instances too, not only education. It can be a way to test stress and pressure and can be easily applied to HR quizzes.

Calculate the right answers

Our automatic grading system will help you save time and make quizzes more interactive. This way you can incorporate them in activities, share them with ease and streamline your workflow. In this way you can use them in-class activities, in business internal communication or integrate them in your marketing strategy through contests and more.

In addition to that, the platform is really flexible and allows you to grade partial answers with or without deduction for those instances when you require more than one answer per question. If you are a teacher or have worked with quizzes, you probably know what I’m talking about. But let’s explain a bit:

  • with deduction – for each incorrect answer, a correct answer is canceled.

  • without deduction – this situation does not cancel correct answers for incorrect ones. Thus each incorrect answer unselected is considered as a right answer. The only chance that a question receives zero points is if you select all the incorrect answers.

Show results after submission

Grading quizzes can be hard and in some situations can become an obstacle in conducting your activity. Think about all those trivia quizzes used for both learning purposes and entertainment, would they be as fun if it took several hours to receive the results? Of course not! That’s why our option to show the results immediately after submission will get you going. According to the points you assigned to each question, the results will show how many right hits were from the total available, and the percentage of completion. Moreover, you can choose to show even the missed answers, to avoid any doubts regarding the obtained grade.

Now give them a try and test how the new features work with this quiz:

online movie quiz

Test this quiz here!

Pretty neat, right?

But now that you have learned what features can you use, let’s discuss how can you actually apply them.

How to apply quizzes made with 123FormBuilder

Even if you can’t really see them that way, quizzes are universal instruments for communication. With both learning and entertainment purposes, they can be adapted to many situations.

Enhance class activity

Education is the most natural and obvious application. But even here, you can use quizzes in education in two major ways. First of all, you can use them to assess a student’s knowledge. Create complex quizzes on any subject, use the countdown timer and integrate them in your periodical evaluations. If you work on the BYOD concept, have no fear, our quizzes are responsive and work on all devices. The second use is to help the learning process and integrate them in-class activities. Due to the automatic grading, trivia quizzes can be easily incorporated to learn fun things in an interesting manner. Give it a try, maybe this is the key to enhancing the average performance of your students.

Refresh HR processes

Personality quizzes are a well-known instrument used in recruitment processes. As each company has its own ways, just imagine how cool would be to construct your own quizzes. These quizzes would be branded and add value to your image for the potential future employees.  With the redirect option, you can have people landing on different pages according to the answer they gave. In the same idea, with branching options you can build a really broad quiz that will change interactively depending on the registered answers. It can be a great asset that will not only bring extra value to your brand image but also enhance HR effectiveness.

Build organizational culture

Have you ever thought of using quizzes to incentivize your employees? Well, you can create quizzes about your company’s history, test which of your employees know fun facts about different products or simply do trivia quizzes about the local community where you work. They are fun, engaging and can really boost internal communication. You might even want to find a way to award your winners, maybe a nice pen or a mug, any idea would be great to keep your employees close.

Gather important leads

Yes, even marketing and sales can use quizzes. How, you ask? Well, maybe next time you would want to do a contest for your customers you will integrate it in a quiz. Ask relevant questions and you’ll automatically filter only those interested in your company. And fear no more about multiple responses from a single person or cheating. You can limit the number of submission by IP, country and more. Another idea would be to create a really interesting quiz on a hot topic and request a participant’s email in order to receive the results. Play a bit with these ideas, add a bit of creativity and you’ll find new tactics to implement which actually have a return on investment.

Hope you have all the information you need to get started and use our brand new features for quizzes. And, as always, let us know your thoughts on what you like and what else would you need.

Good luck!

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