Online Surveys to Relief School Paper Pressure


by 123FormBuilder

During my senior year in college I took the “learn to be a teacher” course, otherwise called in my country the Pedagogical Module. All was great, the interaction with pupils, mentors and the school environment were awesome altogether, except for one little turnoff: I had to fill in and sign hundreds of paper forms, class assistance records and whatnot (yes, there were hundreds of them).

Guess what lingers as my strongest memory from back then? Of course, the dreaded paper forms. When I was showing up in the school’s cafeteria carrying my cardboard folder, all of my friends were very much aware I was going to my teaching classes next. The whole paper thing was not too pleasant for me as a student back then and surely not the most effective data management system for anybody involved.

It’s a general phenomenon. Since schools and colleges everywhere need to process hefty amounts of data inputted by students, parents and teachers alike, what can we do to optimize the entire process for the sake of sanity?

Less time, more reach and no paper burdens

All the loads of paper that crowd the offices of school administrators and the homes of our nation’s teachers can be replaced elegantly with their online alternative. Think how simple it would be to use 123FormBuilder’s online education forms that you create in a few clicks and then disseminate to everybody as links instead of spending hours on tweaking a layout in a word processing application, then printing everything – and maybe snail mailing the packages?

Let’s go further with our online school survey example. Whether it’s intended for the schooled or for school staff, it’s far easier for everybody to fill in the responses while sitting comfortably in front of their computers, or using their mobile devices, rather than holding a paper fold on their lap.

The Internet is part of every person’s life, thus linking the survey on your school’s website can help reach a lot more recipients than handing over the physical forms. We all know how difficult it is to gather people together; now you can basically have the entire community of parents participate in your school survey without holding a single face-to-face meeting with them.

School surveys in three phases

Online surveys are great tools for obtaining insights at all stages of the educational process. For K-12 institutions, a school climate survey carried regularly helps take the pulse of the teacher-student relations and overall atmosphere. As we reach higher age groups, college surveys can come in all shapes and sizes: a college accommodation survey, interest questionnaires and many more. For final year students, a career interest survey can be a very enlightening experience.

With the survey making tools provided by 123FormBuilder, it’s easy to build any form or questionnaire and manage data from one dashboard – all without a single sheet of paper on your desk. The best place to start experimenting around is the gallery of free education form templates. Go ahead and customize your survey’s look and behavior to represent your school’s interests best. We would be glad to receive your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. This practice has been used effectively in European schools during the past few years, and it has significantly simplified and modernized the whole process.

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