Online Forms for Transportation And Logistics Businesses: Form Use Scenarios


by 123FormBuilder

Transportation and logistics businesses strive to make sure that the right conditions are in place for keeping people and products on the move. As a transport company owner, to unlock profitability and growth in this challenging industry, you must offer credibility and reliability to your clients and partners. It is of the utmost importance to be on top of the situation. You have to know and understand areas like license fees, toll fees, operating cost estimates, and worry about vehicle schedules and staff duty rosters. You’ll need to fill out billing records, defects reports, show proof of delivery of various goods and many others. Online forms will help you save time, increase efficiency and cost- effectiveness.

Last year, we wrote an article about online forms for transport companies. In today’s article we will focus more on concrete examples of web forms you can use in the transportation and logistics business.

SCENARIO 1: Let’s say you’re a provider of supply chain solutions. Your company delivers solutions at the highest quality standards through Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Logistics.

You can use a web form like this for potential clients who want to get a transport quote:

Transport quote


SCENARIO 2: Let’s say you are a provider of logistics and international transportation services and your mission is to improve efficiency for your client’s businesses.

It would be a good idea to provide on your website any documents or web forms that your clients might need.

Customer Agreement


SCENARIO 3: Let’s say you’re an international shipping company. Your vast experience in shipping allows you to quickly respond to every logistic need and question a client might have. Your  priority is providing an excellent customer experience. Getting feedback from your customers is now easy with a complaint form like this:

Complaint Form


There are many other forms you can create for your transport company with our form builder 123FormBuilder. The benefits to using online forms range from administrative and operational cost savings to improved customer experience. 

As a transport company owner or manager what other online forms would you use?


  1. Do you have a form that will allow multiple users to register multiple people in designated time slots. We are organizing screenings in time slots but multiple screenings.

    Heart Health Risk 25 people per hour
    lung 25 people per hour
    kidney 25 people in slots per hour

    do you have something that I can modify

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for reaching us. You can simply add more fields to your form for the maximum amount of people you want to register.
      Once you did that, create a dropdown menu so people can select how many they want to register. Then using conditional rules, you can hide or show fields depending on the number of people selected.
      Let us know if this was helpful. If you have other questions or you need a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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