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by 123FormBuilder

2015 has been a year of hard work and constant innovation for us. We introduced many cool new features to improve your experience as a user, and the ease of use of our forms. Some of the most important releases were the redesign of our main pages, to make your surfing experience more pleasant. We also improved our web form editor, so that you find it more user-friendly and intuitive when creating or editing an online form. But the year is not over, and the best is yet to come.

We know how valuable your contact forms and websites are for you, so we want to help you upgrade your business. During December 2015, you will notice a great improvement. Your online forms will undergo a beautiful redesign. You will experience a new and fresh look of your forms, matching more current design trends, compared to the old ones which were outdated. The overall feel of your forms will be enhanced for both you and your users with our new web form design.

Your forms will stop looking like this:

Old Design Web Form

To start looking like this:

New Online Form Design

So let us tell you exactly how we are going to achieve this new web form design, and what exactly is going to change:

  • We are taking unnecessary elements out of the web forms – such as the header bar which, according to our users’ opinion, was irrelevant. Furthermore, you will be able to use your header HTML block to customize your form header anyway you want. You will not be limited anymore by a standard design.
  • We will improve the whole usability of your online forms. Let us specify certain aspects you will get:
    • improved error messages appearance
    • increased size of input fields – so that they are easier to click and drag on mobile and desktop
    • increased size of the submit button making it easier to click on a mobile device
    • overall, an increased padding of form objects so that they are better spaced and easier to read
  • We will introduce new fonts which are more consistent with webdesign trends used nowadays. The default font will be Open Sans, which looks much more elegant than the current Verdana.

New Design Typography - Open Sans

  • The new web form design will bring updated graphical form fields, such as star ratings, signature block, multiple fields upload, as well as updated standard form fields.
  • You will also notice an improved version of how images would appear on your online forms. They will now be full-width instead of floating, allowing them to be more visible.
  • The web forms will also be full-width.
  • And one of our bigger improvements: online forms are now more mobile friendly. They respond and show up better on mobile devices than the old versions, since they were built using Bootstrap – an opensource framework developed by people at Twitter.

Mobile Friendly Web Forms
All this, was done thinking of you. You told us your needs, and we created the solutions. We hope you love and enjoy your new web form design as much as we do. Say goodbye to your old forms, and welcome our Forms 2.0. Embrace the future, choose 123FormBuilder.

What do you think about all the improvements? Don’t forget to comment!


  • Are the changes going to be permanent?

Yes, we will implement the improvements of the new web form design to our whole base of customers, whether they hold free or Premium credentials.

  • What happens if I have custom work?

The forms with custom work will remain with the custom work unchanged. All the rest of the changes will be applied.

e.g. A) You used custom CSS to modify how the background looks like. That will remain unaltered, and all the rest of the changes will be applied to your form.

e.g. B) If you made some custom work on the form fields, then those changes will be preserved.

e.g. C) If you have your form embedded in your website, your colours and style will be preserved, but the form fields and paddings will be adapted to the new design

e.g. D) If you did no custom work, then one day you will wake up and discover that you have very beautiful online forms.

  • Will there be data loss during the process?

No information will be lost during the process. This is a visual redesign only. Your data will continue to be stored the way and where it used to be until now.

  • Will my form functionality be affected?

Absolutely not. Your form functionality will remain unaltered after the new web form design is applied. Form rules, 3rd party integration, payment processors, notifications and any other, will keep working as they currently do.

  • Where should I write if I have doubts or suggestions about the new web form design?

You can contact our Customer Care Team at for any concern regarding this matter.


  1. Whilst I am pleased that improvements are being attempted I am sorry to say these have had some rather nasty effects on my forms; errors have started appearing, telling people: “Something is not right! Errors are highlighted below”, yet they have just arrived on that page and not started filling it out.

    Unfortunately the nicely designed ‘steps’ pagination with those small circles and headings has been replaced by gargantuan numbers and text that now stretch dramatically down our form.

    Hopefully these are just teething problems and not permanent.

    1. Hi Andrew! Regarding the error messages, please contact support at and provide them a link to your form, so that they can investigate the problem and help you to solve it as soon as possible. Concerning the pagination, also our Support team will help you with custom CSS, if you wants to make them smaller, so please mention this also in your email.

      We are working hard to give all of our users a better service. So thank you very much for your feedback, and we are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused to you.

  2. The new forms are not layed out exactly the same now in my forms the word
    is now

    And other issue

    I can not figure out how to get the Y to stay on the previous line.

    The Submit button is twice as large and I can not control the font size. I think you should have gave us options to change or not to change I have over 44 forms that all now look bad on our website that were perfect before and built to just fit certain areas.

    Change just for the sake of change is a waste of time, what did we gain by having this change I did a through search of webforms and liked the 123 contact form before choosing to use it and pay $299 a year for the service. Now I have to go through and find a new form company that has the correct size of font and submit button.

    Can you change my account back or dedicate a service tech to fix all my forms.

    1. Hi Thomas! Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry of the inconvenience we might have caused with the new design. Let me inform you that your first issue (the “Compan/y” situation) was already fixed, but the change is not live yet. For the submit button, we will also be able to give you a solution soon. Our Support Team is working specifically on your situation, and they will contact you once they have enough information to provide about your case. We apologize again for the inconvenience, and we are working hard to bring solutions for your needs. Thank you for choosing 123FormBuilder.

  3. Thumbs up ! There was the main disadvantage respect other options. Those are good news !

    We’re expecting the change as soon as possible !

  4. Also, having just taking another look at one of my forms that required quite a bit of time to create, I really dislike that a serif font is not an option. I find sans serif fonts are actually less elegant and are not cohesive with my website’s design. The custom header with my logo was the whole point that I went with your company, and having just renewed my subscription with you, this is really disappointing news. I may have to look elsewhere.

    1. Regarding the fonts and your custom header, don’t worry, there’s no reason to panic:
      – Open Sans will be the default font, but not the only one. Serif and Sans Serif fonts, as well as all the old family fonts will still be eligible on the Themes Section of your form, as they were until now.
      – As you could read above, all the custom work will be unaltered. So if you invested time in making a beautiful customized header with your logo, you can be sure that your work will be preserved after the redesign is applied.

      If you have any other concern, please do not hesitate to contacting us regarding this at Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

  5. Since this is going to be an automatic update we can’t opt out of, an actual date that it the forms will be changed would be appreciated.

  6. Have you considered allowing importing of Word documents as a template for creating new forms? Here’s an example of a feature request:

    I was asked by management recently to create forms for sales contracts and wanted to use my 123FormBuilders account. However, the forms needed to look like the original documents as much as possible. This was not possible due to the ‘modular’ look to the forms, especially when exported to PDF. It would be a huge plus if the form editor had the ability to either (1) create forms from scratch with a document look to them or (2) allow a Word document to be imported and place form controls anywhere within the document text.

    This would allow for creation of forms that look nearly identical to their source file counterparts. I’d like to submit this as a feature request for the future. Otherwise, your product is great for generic forms .. and I especially appreciate the e-signature feature you recently added.

    Joe Unik
    SharePoint and Web Services Administrator
    Synergy Medical LLC

    1. Hi Joe. Thank you very much for your suggestion. We took notice of your feature request and our Dev Team will consider it for the future. Meanwhile, even if we don’t provide a Word doc importation tool yet, you surely noticed that our form editing platform is very flexible, and with it you can create forms with a very similar style to your desired Word document. If you can’t do it with out standard fields, surely with some HTML blocks (or CSS, if it was needed) you can achieve the exact style you want. If you have doubts on how to achieve this, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at Thank you again for your feedback.

  7. I like the first version of design better. I am not sure what happened to the design team but the new design looks totally unaligned and I don’t think that is “more consistent with the current trends”.

    It may be that the preview above is not the best one and is not an accurate representation of the new design though. However, I got to say that the design fo mobile looks good and neat and also provides good UX (easy to use).

    1. Hi Andrei. Thanks for your feedback. As you can appreciate now, the image of the new design form is perfectly aligned. The older image alignment is still one of the different new alignment styles that users will be able to choose, as well as the current displaying one.

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