Best form builder app to count on for your Wix website
Stunning forms for your stunning website

Stunning forms for your stunning website

Got a pixel - perfect website design?  So will your 123 forms.

One click and your web form automagically takes on your site’s look and feel and is always mobile - optimized! You can further customize the using the design tools from Wix if you want to.

Build connections with CRM integration

Build connections with CRM integration

Gather leads, then nurture them with online forms that convert submissions to MailChimp mailing lists, Dropbox uploads, Google Spreadsheets and much more.

Publish web forms on Wix pages

Publish web forms on Wix pages

You can display the entire form on a webpage (IFrame) or have a lightbox overlay that appears at the click of a button or image.

Stunning possibilities with 123 forms

Full integration in the Wix world

Full integration in the Wix world

123FormBuilder integrates with Wix Contacts, Wix Engage and ShoutOut. Form data goes straight to Wix Contacts where you can send a shout-out to your leads or create automated emails from the Wix platform.

Request quotes. <span>Get paid.</span>

Request quotes. Get paid.

Take the first step with a potential customer by creating a Wix form for quote requests. Or take a final step with secure payments via PayPal, SquareUp, and many more. You can take recurring subscription payments too!

Test your students. <span>Host a contest.</span>

Test your students. Host a contest.

Use the 123FormBuilder app as a teaching tool. Too cool for school? Make a trivia game and have your audience compete for coupons and prizes!

Selling tickets? Set limits by type and availability.

Selling tickets? Set limits by type and availability.

Your ticket sales 123 form can do much more than general admission. You can offer different types of tickets, while setting a cap for each.

123FormBuilder Pro

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Share the ease and reliability of 123FormBuilder with your Wix web clients. Save developer time and earn impressive commissions. You may make a 15% commission per referral - or more for more complex projects.

Enjoy exclusive access to new features, training opportunities and priority support, all with a dedicated account manager by your side.

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Accessible Web Forms for Customers with Disabilities
“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

Tim Berners-Lee

W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

123FormBuilder is currently in full compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Make sure you welcome everybody to your website. Don’t miss any lead!

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