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With your account, you have access to the highest level of integrations that we offer. This means that you can take full advantage of you forms by transferring data into your SalesForce, Marketo, Vertical Integration and WebHooks further using it for your customer interaction process. We’ve decided to put together a short guide on how to integrate with these apps so you can do it without any problems.

Before we start, there is are 3 general steps for all integrations:

1. Get the API key from your account on the chosen platform and add it in the integration box
2. Customize how the information is stored in your account
3. Watch data flow from your forms directly into your other services.

The only difference between all of them is where you find the API key in that service’s dashboard, and the options you can choose for the integration.
So without any further ado, let’s see the first one.

How do I Integrate With: SalesForce

First thing we need to integrate is to have your SalesForce account’s API key. YOu need to login into your SalesForce account and get it, like this:

salesforce forms with 123formbuilder

salesforce forms with 123formbuilder

Now you’ll get an email with the Security Key (which is also the API, the one we need for the integration). With that in your hands, go ahead and complete the required information as shown below.

salesforce forms with 123formbuilder

Notice there is a field labeled “Create Object”. This lets you choose what type of object you wish to create, such as Lead, Contact, Note and many more. You can further customize the object by clicking on the “Customize” and tweaking the fields show there.

How do I Integrate With: Marketo

Turn your form-collected leads into client segments and start messaging them with our integration. In order to connect Marketo with your forms, like the other examples, you’ll need the API.

To retrieve the Client Id and Client Secret, you’ll need to create a custom service in your Marketo account. Here’s how you do it:

1. In your Marketo account, go to Admin and click on Users & Roles, on the left.

marketo forms integration

2. Click on the Role tab (on top) and hit New Role.

marketo forms integration

3. In the Create New Role lightbox, type in a Role Name and go to Permissions (third box below). Check the option Access API and deselect the sub-options below, except Read-Only Lead, Read-Write Activity and Read-Write Lead. Next, press Create.

4. Now go to the tab Users and click on Invite New User. Provide a name and email address of the API only user, select the newly created role and tick the checkbox API Only. In the end, click on Invite.

marketo forms integration

5. You’ll now be required to create a custom application. Go to AdminLaunchPoint and create a new service.

marketo forms integration

6. In the lightbox, enter a name and select an API Only user in the dropdown list below. Notice that only users that are API only are displayed. Hit Create to exit the lightbox and go to View Details to retrieve the Client Id and Client Secret needed for your 123FormBuilder – Marketo integration.

marketo forms integration

7. To find the Rest API, go to AdminWeb Services and you’ll find it within the Rest API box. It’s the series of characters displayed at End Point and Identity as shown in the example below:

marketo forms integration

marketo forms integration

Now just complete the fields in the integration, and voilá ! Data will flow seamlessly into your Marketo account.

How do I Integrate with: Vertical Response

Vertical Response is a great choice for integration if you want to create email campaigns with you collected contacts. Again, we need to find the API. Vertical Response is a bit different from the rest – you need to request the code. You can request it from this link.

After getting your key, fill in the integration below for enabling data directly into the platform.

verticalresponse forms integration

How do I Integrate With: WebHooks

WebHooks let you move data from one place into your own server using a custom script. In order to create that script, please check this page, which also provides. This will tell the integration where the data should be sent.

webhook integration for web forms

With the Customize option you can associate your 123FormBuilder fields with the variables from your script in order to label them as you wish on your server. If you want to know more about WebHooks, please read this article.

We really hope this guide helped you understand how integrations work, and how to integrate your forms with any of the apps. If you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to contact our support! They’ll be more than happy to assist you.


  1. Any progress in this area in 3 years? Filemaker Pro just keeps getting better and i would love to integrate the data we collect with our 123 Forms directly into our Camp Management Database and cut out the download to EXCEL Process.

    1. Hi Alex. Since the number for requests for this integration was very low, it was not developed. Developing a new third party application connection usually requires a lot of resources from our side. I’ve sent now to our team this feature request as an improvement to our product. They will analyze it and implement it if possible. Thank you for your understanding.

    1. Hi Mike,

      We’ve never had this request before and currently we do not have this integration. But we’re interested in knowing more details about how you want to use FileMaker so it would be great if you could send us an email at and we can proceed with the conversation and find a workaround.

      Thank you!

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