Tips To Optimize Your Form Confirmation Pages And Gain More Sales

Did you ever change the Thank-you page of your online form? Not very much, I believe. Well, allow me to tell you how much potential you have missed for your business. Because these form success pages are not just dull confirmations in text that the submission went through, but a post-conversion deal opener.

Have you ever signed up for something on the Web and got redirected to a form confirmation page that made you another deal? I know I have. And guess what, this is very effective. I almost paid extra for a package I didn’t really need, but because it was offered on the confirmation page of a form I filled in, it really made me believe that the offer is specially made for me.

Personalizing your form success page works great for generating leads and building customer loyalty. It’s redundant to make a deal on the “Thank-you” of a contact form since people use it to contact you for specific needs, such as technical support, partnership opportunities or just to say “hi”.

If you take a glance at what others do, you will see that nearly all of them create friendly confirmation pages for their online forms.

example of sites that increase conversions with personalized thank you pages

Whether they’re giving out an eBook, selling shoes or registering investors to an innovative project, they have customized their thank you pages that further extend the conversion funnel. If you’re offering a free eBook on your form, you can go further as to invite your respondents to an online course about the same topic, right after they have submitted your form. Or if you’re selling shoes, you can add a voucher code on the form confirmation page that your customers may use for future purchases.

It so happened that I stumbled upon a nice article at our friends from Unbounce about taking thank you pages to the next level. It takes 7 real examples of how others are using their thank you page as a way to keep people in the loop. Just to narrow it down to two of them from the article:

how aweber increases conversions with thank you pages

1. AWeber is an email automation tool created by great people. When registering to one of their webinars, you are presented with a Google calendar button on the confirmation page. The reason behind is that people tend to sign up for webinars and forget to attend them later. By giving them the possibility to add the event to their calendar right after registration increases the chances for them not to miss it.

how unbounce increases conversion rate with thank you pages

2. Unbounce creates a ton of useful webinars for digital marketers, so it’s not such a bad idea that they invite their attendees to subscribe to their blog on the success page of one of their registration forms. Being that they share useful information on their blog on a variety of topics related to the one discussed in the webinar, it’s a win-win on both parts.

Interacting and keeping a relationship with your audience is important and vital for the success of your business. You wouldn’t believe the impact a personalized form confirmation page may have on your overall conversion rate. Designing this page may not increase conversions on your form, but it will make your respondents stay longer on your site or strike with you another deal.

So my recommendation would be to leave out the generic “Thank you for filling out our form”. Most of the times it’s not the filling of the form that you needed, but a purchase or a new subscriber, depending on the type of form. But instead of settling to a message such as “Thank you for purchasing from us” or “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter”, try adding something more. Go with “Thank you for purchasing from our store. As a token of our appreciation, use this coupon code anytime this month. We’d be happy to see you again soon”. Style the message with some colors, change the font size and put an image. It could do wonders.

123FormBuilder makes form building easy and form confirmation pages are no exception from that. You can customize the thank you page of your online form with custom CSS and HTML, but if coding is not your thing, the thank you page editor has a menu that you can use to style your text, upload media (images, videos) and attach user inputs (e.g. respondent name or email).

personalizing web form thank you page without programming

To customize your Thank you page as a pro, log into 123FormBuilder, open your online form and go to the SettingsThank You Page section. Next, select Show HTML Block, edit your page and press Save. It’s that simple.

If you want, you can use any of your own web pages as the success page of your form. All you have to do is select the option Redirect to a web page and paste in the URL of your page. Press Save and you are all set.

If you’re using Unbounce to AB test different varieties of your page, you can use the Unbounce integration for 123FormBuilder to test which success page works better. Just create a copy of the form for each page variety that you need and publish it with the Unbounce embed code from the Publish section of your form.

Take conversions to a higher level by customizing your Thank-you pages with more than a simple thank you. If you require assistance, contact us at or leave a comment below.

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