Use Online Forms To Sweeten Your Marketing Strategy This Valentine’s Day


by 123FormBuilder

Valentine’s Day is not only the most romantic holiday but also an amazing opportunity for businesses to use it as a marketing strategy. Whether you want to run a contest for your customers on this special day, have a sale, organize an event or create a Valentine’s Day quiz or survey for your website visitors, online forms are the key.

How exactly? Here are some ideas to consider.


Romantic giveaways

You can go for a contest form and offer up a prize your customers will appreciate. An idea would be asking them to upload a photo or a video of themselves interacting with your product or service, depending on the type of contest you’re running. Additionally, you can incentivize sharing, increasing their chances of winning.


The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach

If you’re a restaurant owner, Valentine’s day is a is a great opportunity to attract new guests in your restaurant. With 123FormBuilder, you can create a Valentine’s Day Dinner Reservations form to collect reservations online. An online registration form will spare time and effort for both you and your guests. Start with this template and customize it according to your needs by adding more fields or deleting the existing fields. Explore more advanced territory and use field rules to give your form users a dynamic form to submit. And thanks to the integrated field validation, you’ll get precisely the information that you ask for. Once your event registration form is ready, start inviting people to register: embed the event registration form on your website or get the news out on Facebook. 123FormBuilder online event registration software also provides multiple ways of viewing and managing registration entries.


Escaping the daily routine

Hotel owners can use booking forms to offer Valentine’s Day hotel packages for a romantic getaway or maybe offer their customers the possibility to book a chauffeur driven car on Valentine’s day. A booking form is a great tool, especially on Valentine’s day, also for travel agencies.


Survey the romantic way

Some couples exchange gifts, others prefer going out. There are also those who prefer to stay in with a bunch of nice holiday treats and a love chick flick. Find out how people prefer to spend their time and money on Valentine’s day by conducting an early online survey. This way, you’ll know which are the most-desired gifts or activities and what strategies you should prioritize in your February campaigns. Of course, our survey templates are here to lend a helping hand. Furthermore, it’s easy to post them on your Facebook fan page and gather responses directly on the social network.


Valentine’s Day quiz

From event organizers to small business owners or even non-profit organizations, Valentine’s Day gives everyone an opportunity to engage with customers and find new ones and as you can see, online forms are the most important tool you have at hand for that.

Don’t you just love this romantic holiday? But how much do you really know about it? We have a surprise for you! You can test your knowledge of Valentine’s Day trivia with the following quiz, and if you have any additional fun facts about Valentine’s Day, we’d love to hear them. Good luck!


Our Valentine’s Day gift to you

It happened to all of us, for sure. Sometimes, people are willing to move heaven and earth to please their partner, but they’re just not sure what the right gift is. Especially when the relationship is fresh. So this is where we come in: we help you help people to choose the perfect gift! If you own a personal blog or a Facebook page, personalize a Valentine’s Day gift questionnaire that people can share with their loved ones to find out their preferences.

Valentine's Day gift questionnaire

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