The Best Form Builder for Your Business: How Can You Find it?


by 123FormBuilder


Have you ever had to buy a pair of jeans, but the multitude of options was overwhelming and you didn’t know what to choose? This applies to a lot of other situations when you have so many options that it becomes difficult to make the right decision. Very often, when we have to make this kind of choices, we consider our friends’ recommendations.

What is suitable for them is suitable also for you? This can be misleading, don’t you think? It’s the same with form builders. If you’re looking for an online form builder the best thing is to do it by yourself and see what fits.

This field has evolved quickly during the past few years and it will go on like this. Therefore, when looking for the right form builder, you should take into consideration several key factors.

Form Builder Research – Things to Consider

1. Be sure you know your business needs and your goals. Secondly, see if it requires coding knowledge or if it’s a DIY intuitive form builder that can be adapted to your field and requirements. This leads to an important question: can you build the web forms you need on your own or do you need to hire a web designer? And does it allow you to build something different and more complex than those simple contact forms?

2. Don’t forget to analyze what type of forms you need. Or, perhaps you need several types. For example, you may need surveys, but also lead generation forms for building future relations with your prospects. That’s on you.

3. The next step is to look for the most popular form builders on the market. Analyze the price/feature value and see what’s in it for you. What pricing plans do they provide?

4. Next, go deeper and see what features each form builder provides. Are there integrations with popular and effective apps for easier work and boosted productivity? Will you benefit from advanced and complex payment features for your ecommerce website or for gathering donations?

5. Perhaps your business is getting to a higher level and will soon expand internationally. So, you will need to translate your forms into multiple languages. Will the form builder provide this option?

6. Data collection in real time, changing and updating web forms are a must as they’re the first step for winning a customer.

Extra advantages that a form builder should offer

7. Then, think about templates and web form customization options as you surely need something to inspire and help you save time. And templates are definitely the right thing! The good news is that there are form builder that have more than basic customization, meaning you can start from scratch, too.

8. Those form builder that offer a white label solution should also be considered. Just make sure to tweak settings until you create the form you want. Check if the tool you’re about to use allows you to make changes on the spot and preview all changes. The possibility to create subaccounts and subusers is also important. You can share your forms to departments and set various permission levels.

9. An online form builder should also let you insert videos, photos, text blocks, links and other type of content. Publishing your forms outside your website such as on Facebook, Twitter pages and blogs is a must as you can reach a wider audience.

10. Can you develop your business and make money by using web forms? If this is your goal, look for a form builder that helps you generate cash easily and quickly. Additionally, setting up payment features and calculation formulas should be an easy task.

It’s not quite difficult to create web forms, but if this requires coding skills, things can be pretty complicated. Regardless of whether you need forms for event registration, ordering, feedback or surveys, there are some top form builders that can generate them for you without a single line of code.

To make this process easier for you, start your research with your goals and requirements in mind. If you’re still on the track of finding the most suitable tool for creating nice and effective web forms, then your difficult research process is over. 123FormBuilder is among the 5 top web form builders globally that has helped over 600,000 businesses worldwide. 123FormBuilder form builder is suitable for tech-savvy and non-technical users, packed with numerous features to meet your needs.

What other features should we add to make 123FormBuilder online form builder even more helpful? We’d love to hear your opinion!


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