How Human Resources Departments Can Benefit From Online Forms- Part 1


by 123FormBuilder

A Human resources department is important to any organization, since a business is a reflex of its workforce, an organisation cannot build a good team of working professionals without a good Human Resources department, as they will be the ones responsible to manage and cultivate a strong and motivated team.

Some of the most important tasks of the Human Resources Management team include recruiting people, training them, evaluating their performance, and collecting constant feedback to keep employees satisfied. All of these can be streamlined and better organized with the help of Online Forms. And 123FormBuilder provides a friendly and trustworthy solution that will help you build any type of web forms & surveys that you need, without any technical skills, as easy as 1-2-3.

Starting from this week, we will develop a series of articles to show how human resources departments can benefit from tools like 123FormBuilder. So stay tuned, as you might just find new ways to simplify your human resources management and save valuable time for your HR department.

Around 0.14% of our clients are from the HR industry, so we gathered some data to find out which types of forms they are using the most and present you concrete examples of web forms you can use too.

1. Job Application Forms

Job Application Form Template

When you’re searching for potential employees, an online job application form can facilitate the hiring process. Aside from the fact that it makes you save money and time, it also helps you keep organized and filter potential candidates easily.

Your online job application form can require candidates to upload their resume and cover letter into it, and the free template above can be easily edited to request any other type of information you consider necessary.

Overall, having a customized job application form gives any company a boost and makes the recruitment process a breeze.

2. Feedback Forms

360 Degree Feedback Template

Nowadays, employees are expecting more and more that companies provide them ways of expressing their thoughts and suggestions. Using a feedback form to collect opinions and recommendations from your employees is the first step to show them that you are opening up the door to listen them.

HR departments should regularly ask for employee feedback, making it a part of the company’s culture, and creating a more open communication between all the staff members.

There are many types of feedback forms & surveys you can create. These are the most popular ones that our clients are using: Customer Feedback Form, 360 Degree Feedback, Online Feedback Form.

3. Training Evaluation Form

Training Evaluation Template

Another important thing that the Human Resources team should provide to the employees is training. This means, teaching and developing the workers from the company to specific and useful skills that can improve their capability, productivity, and performance, which can make a difference to any business.

You can first conduct an internal survey about what sorts of competencies they would like to develop, or make a poll to ask about the type of subjects or hosts they would like to see in a workshop.

After the training or workshop you can have different types of evaluation forms to see areas of improvement and gather their feedback. You can use a Training Evaluation Form like our HR clients, or our free Workshop and Seminar evaluation templates.

4. Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Evaluation Template

We all know that the company’s success is connected to the success of its employees. If staff members are not performing the way they could or if they are not satisfied with their roles, the company will feel the consequences. Therefore, another important aspect of human resource management  is bettering the performance of individuals and teams in organizational settings.

The Employee Evaluation is a good way to review the employee’s performance, and conducting employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews can help the HR department understand and address areas of dissatisfaction.

Effectively managing human resources requires consistent and valuable processes for gathering and organizing employee information. These are just few examples of how creating online forms with  123FormBuilder can assist your human resource department and help them achieve better results.

So, are you a professional of HR industry? Are you using Online Forms in your daily job? If not, have you ever considered using them? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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