How Human Resources Departments Can Benefit From Online Forms- Part 3


by 123FormBuilder

As you’ve seen in part 1 and part 2 of the series, from recruiting to employee departure and everything in between, HR processes can be significantly easier to handle thanks to web forms, surveys and questionnaires. As many of you already know, the free form templates we provide on our website are divided into categories for different fields such as Small businesses, Education, Event organizers, Healthcare, Human resources and many more. Only for the Human Resources industry you’ll find 30+ templates you can start with.

So since we already talked about the most commonly used forms for the human resources industry, in this part you’re going to learn how HR specialists can efficiently integrate web forms in their recruitment or management tasks and what types of web forms work best for each HR role.


Whether you’re a big brand or a small business,  if you want to attract top candidates and generate direct hires, you need to equip you Career site or your Career page with the right tools.

Use the Career Interest Survey, the Career Path Survey, the Volunteer Recruitment Form or the Job Application Form to streamline the recruitment process.

For enhanced utility:

add an Upload button and allow job seekers to upload their CV in a jiffy

add Social buttons and make it easy for everyone to share jobs on their social media profiles

add a Sign up for job alerts field and integrate your web forms with Email Marketing apps

The Interview Evaluation Form is another web form that helps recruiters conduct winning interviews by better organizing the data needed to decide if the candidate is qualified for the position or not.

Let’s not forget about the Recruitment Evaluation Survey – it will help you find out how you can improve your recruitment activity.

Workplace Satisfaction

Internal communication, employees and employers goals and focus, rules and policies, benefits package and workplace safety- these are all aspects you need to consider if you’re looking to boost employee job satisfaction.

You have the right tools at your fingertips:

Corporate Climate Survey, Corporate Structure Survey, Employee Benefits Survey, Workplace Safety Survey– these web forms will save you precious time

For enhanced utility:

 Measure the data you’ve collected through your web forms and simplify your workflow with 123FormBuilder’ s Reports

Documenting and managing leave requests

Any HR department definitely needs the right tools to help them easily document and manage employees’ leave or travel requests. We’ve got them covered! They can start with these: Holiday Request Form, PTO Request Form, Travel Request Form.


Monitoring and managing employees’ performance is the secret for a thriving business. Managers have different ways of measuring accomplishments, but here are the secrets to an efficient employee evaluation: the Employee Performance Evaluation Form, the Employee Self Evaluation Form and the popular 360 Degree Feedback .

For enhanced utility:

Include all the information you collect in Reports

Managing Employee Departure

“Criticism is information that will help you grow.”  This quote by Hendrie Weisinger can also be applied to companies that strive for continuous improvement.

You can capture valuable information and consequently increase employee retention by using an Employee Exit Interview or an Employee Exit Survey.

For enhanced utility:

Thank employees for their service and wish them the all the best in their future endeavors

Are there other types of HR forms templates you’d like us to add to the collection? Comment below and if you found this series useful, stick around for an exclusive interview with our HR Manager.

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