How Employees Can Help You Reach and Sustain HIPAA Compliance


by 123FormBuilder

We recently wrote an article about data protection strategies to be implemented for achieving effective healthcare data security and one of the strategies we talked about is making employee education a priority. Given that many studies and concerning statistics have shown that data breaches are created in a large percentage due to employee negligence, in this article we are going to address this particular topic more comprehensively.

Misconfigured servers, weak password security,  downloading unapproved programs or infected files, using USB drives from obscure sources are only a few examples of careless actions that can pose significant security threats.

Be that as it may, there are ways you and your staff can help ensure HIPAA compliance and prevent violations:

Training and educating employees

 From best practices such as keeping sensitive information out of sight to informing employees on up-to-date HIPAA regulations, office trainings on privacy and security should be organized regularly. Moreover, make sure they are aware of the consequences of negligent actions and the non-compliance penalties the entire organization and themselves might face.

Updating programs frequently

 In order to protect data effectively, set up and manage data safeguards and security policies so they’re always up to date.

Requiring strong passwords and changing them regularly

 Creating complex passwords and keeping them that way will make them harder to crack. Again, consider multiple-factor authentication in all forms, to further strengthen your security.

Ensuring sensitive data identification and protection

 Implement appropriate information security procedures and develop strong communication processes for all potential security threats to make certain that sensitive data is properly protected. Nonetheless, despite your best efforts, mistakes in how patient data is handled might still be made by employees and sensitive data exposure may still come to pass so prefigure a quick reaction.

Having the right approach

 Ensuring HIPAA compliance is challenging but for what it concerns your employees, a distinctive approach is needed to sustain a winning HIPAA security strategy. A way to make it easier for your staff to get involved and support your efforts would be employing engaging quizzes to test their knowledge and reinforce key points. Don’t let their own efforts go unnoticed! Consider rewarding them for passing the quiz with prizes, company rewards or time off.

Achieving HIPAA compliance is challenging but not impossible if you follow these procedures and take all appropriate precautions to minimise risks.

Do you have a sustainable HIPAA security education program in place for your employees?

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