How A Job Application Form Helps Companies Hire the Proper Talent


by 123FormBuilder

Job application forms are an important element of the recruitment process for many companies. Aside from the fact that a job application form helps you save money and time, it has other great advantages.

A job application form created and customized as it should be makes an employer get a better sense of the aptitudes and attitudes of his potential employees. This type of form can be built and personalized in minutes and then embedded on a website, Facebook, Twitter page, social media pages and also blogs.

For instance, a job application form can be embedded on a business site in the morning and by lunchtime, the first applications can already arrive. And maybe some candidates can be even interviewed by the end of the day.

So, there are no limitations when using a job application form. The form is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just as long as you want. To create such a web form, you don’t need coding skills. Due to the user-friendly editor, any job application form can be created in minutes as easy as 1-2-3!

When building this type of form, several aspects should be considered. First of all, the form should require only the necessary information and the filling out process shouldn’t be a daunting task. Therefore, a job application form should be straightforward and easy to fill out.

Job application form – the starting point for building your team wisely

Throughout the process of hiring, it’s important to keep your brand’s consistency. Is this possible with a job application form? Well, it is! You can include your logo, tagline, links to your website or social media buttons right on your form. It’s a simple and easy process, but very important for empowering your brand. A job application form created with 123FormBuilder online form builder features antispam protection and more. Moreover, special scripts are used to send notifications when a suspicious account or form is detected.

For large and overseas companies, multi-language online job application forms are ideal. Applicants can also upload their resume in second. For a longer form, rules can be created to make it easy to fill out. If the form is more complex, you can split it in several pages, so it will be easy to fill out. You can use radio buttons, text areas, dropdown lists and any other fields that are suitable for this type of form and purpose.

Account data and any type of information collected through a job application form are confidential.Overall, having a customized job application form gives any company a boost and makes the recruitment process a breeze. Even if you can customize a job application form the way you want, a rule of thumb is to obtain only the information you need to make the right decision at each stage of the recruitment process. Have you used job application forms? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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