Goodbye Butterflies – How Web Forms Can Increase Interaction And Engagement [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

When we see ourselves in the spotlight, some us of might be faced with stage fright, anxiety of speaking, performing and competing in public. We may be very competent, but when the flood of emotions starts, our ideas are somehow blocked and we’re not able to speak and share our ideas properly. This type of blockage can have negative impact not only on our professional, but also on our personal life.

Fortunately, Goodbye Butterflies brings a solution for those who are often in such a situation. It’s an online course for people who are faced with performance anxiety. At the moment, the project is in the final stage of development, but it will soon be developed. Goodbye Butterflies is based on concepts of mindfulness as found in age-old traditions like Zen and exciting new schools of psychology and is headquartered in North Carolina. Dr. David Lee Fish, the owner, is the chair of the Association for Popular Music Education, a national organization made up of important colleges and universities. David Lee Fish is also the Chair of the Music Department at Catawba College and directs a thriving program of study for performers of popular music. In addition, he teaches courses on several fields such as songwriting, theory of popular music, music business, technology, world music and music technology.

Dr. Fish is the author of Jazz Then and Now (Music Alive!) and of the article “Make the Butterflies Fly Away”, published in December 2013. He studied saxophone, taiko drum, shinobue flute and Japanese lion dance. His career as a saxophonist is also very complex, as he had the opportunity to perform with Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Cher, Pearl Bailey, the Miracles and the Temptations.

How The 123FormBuilder Journey Began

In order to adapt to the interactive nature of online courses, his business needs questionnaires and self-assessments along with updatable logs. In this case, web forms are the most suitable tool as they are easy to build and offer trusty methods to gather data. Online forms can be quickly customized, depending on the needs of people who participate in the course and results can be seen in real time.

David Lee Fish tried almost all web form builders before, but he wasn’t satisfied with the way tasks were performed. Thus, he kept on searching and found 123FormBuilder. After trying it, he decided that 123FormBuilder is the perfect solution as it enables him to implement all the needed questionnaires, self-assessments and student logs in a way that no other form building app can. In addition, 123FormBuilder has more robust capabilities and it also offers an integration with Wix.

At the same time, online forms created through 123FormBuilder increase interactivity, engagement, can easily be customized and integrate perfectly into the website structure. The features David Lee Fish uses most in our form builder are Likert questions, but he was also very satisfied with the friendly and helpful customer support service. High-quality online forms not only helped gather data, feedback, but they also contributed to a positive general opinion about the Goodbye Butterflies project. At the same time, accessibility was improved. 123FormBuilder makes it easy to manage online forms and creates the perfect conditions for the Goodbye Butterflies website to expand.

Without web forms, collecting feedback especially for such delicate and personal problems would be extremely difficult as people are more reluctant when it comes to discuss about themselves. But Goodbye Butterflies is the proof that online forms can be exquisite tools for managing tasks, collecting feedback efficiently and creating engagement.

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