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by 123FormBuilder

With every New Year’s glorious start, people take a few moments to think what they aim to achieve in that particular year. Resolution lists are probably being written right now somewhere on the globe, while everybody tries to determine what is most important to them to accomplish. And not just people lay down goals to attain for the newly started year, but also businesses, as it is a good time to set some lines to follow that year.

For what it’s worth, we at 123FormBuilder have already finished writing our New Year Resolution list. What is on it? As always, we aim to do everything keeping our customers and our partners in mind. Therefore, this year we strive to continue being here for you, offering you all the support you need and valuing your participation in the existence of 123FormBuilder. Of course, we’d also like to keep you close for all the new features and integrations that are about to come.

Since we have our goals and wishes figured out for the new year, it might make sense to know what the public of your own business aspires to achieve. And what other way of best figuring this out can you think of than asking them directly with the help of a form? We’d like to use this opportunity to show you how you can create a highly customized contact form with a New Year’s Resolution question from scratch, starting with just a blank form.

create blank form

As we already know, contact forms are being used by a wide array of businesses, so coming up with a more original contact form can make you stand out in front of your customers. Thus, why not combine a simple contact form, where you tell your visitors how to find you, with a New Year Resolution section, where they can tell you what they expect for that year?

Starting out with a blank form means adding all the necessary fields by yourself, selecting any type of field you may need. In our example, we chose to integrate the company logo as an Image field, the business address and a Google Map, so that customers can easily recognise the brand and contact the company.

new year form before add fields

After that, a Name and an Email field will fulfill the lead gathering function and will allow you to have a database of your customers who filled out your form.

Once you have the customer name and email address, you can proceed to asking them what they wish for the New Year, to create a more personal connection to them. Moreover, you can ask them what they expect from your business in the new year, so the form can also be looked at as a short feedback form. To keep the form easy to fill out, you can use field rules to hide unnecessary questions, like shown in the picture below.

field rules new year form

We also thought you might want to use this kind of form to run a small New Year contest for your customers. Hence, adding a file upload field can come in handy for this purpose. You can use our Dropbox integration to have the uploaded files sent directly to your Dropbox account.

In tone with the New Year spirit, a video with a nice New Year message can add a plus of delight for your customers. You can choose to integrate any video just by using a HTML block where you embed the code of the video, which you copy from its source.

add fields new year form

After your visitors submit the form, you can opt to keep things personal and send them an autoresponder. This type of message can be easily personalized to include the visitor’s name, to send a copy of the filled out forms or to confirm the participation at the contest you’re organizing.

And finally, this is how such a form could look like, for example, after adding the background image of your choice and customizing the CSS so that the form has the same background:

new year form customized

What about your New Year resolutions? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below or on Twitter @123formbuilder.


  1. Very cool Sabina! I recently discover 123FormBuilder and immediately was impressed with some of the features and flexability. I have a feeling that the more I dig into the possibilities, the more I am going to like your product!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Michael! I’m glad to hear you discovered our form builder and that you found features from our gallery which are useful to you. Should you have any questions regarding the use of the form editor or any other related issues, our support team will be more than happy to assist you under

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