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We may only be about siSales Keywordsx weeks into 2013, but the trend is already obvious: this year, content marketing is king. See the proof in caps in the Econsultancy infographic here. It seems like small businesses everywhere are getting word-wise. They load their websites with useful pieces of writing that help monetize traffic and magnetize customers.
How about your own marketing? Is writing content the elephant in the room for your small business?
If you are not quite a words person, or you simply don’t have the time to focus on producing texts, you can employ web forms to scour the surroundings for content without you move a finger. The principle is to let customers and stakeholders speak about your brand through a well-crafted form that asks for their quotes, testimonials, feedback. This way you hit two goals: more engagement from your public and free content that you are permitted to use on your website.

Gather testimonials from your customers

Those graceful signs of love from people who have used your product are a goldmine for your marketing. Collect testimonials through an online feedback form with text boxes that give your customers the space to express their thoughts about your company in their own words. Don’t forget you can customize the form with your own graphic signs so that your visitors will feel at home while filling in their thoughts.

Collect expert quotes for your blog posts

References to authorities in the industry are a must-have ingredient for your company’s writings, for they bring the proof of credibility and authority. You can use an interview-like survey with the essential questions as required ones and conditional logic to glue everything together. Result? A ton of branded content that you can afterward monetize on your blog and website.

Use WebHooks integration to post back content on your website

What our WebHooks form integration does is that it grabs the data users enter and manipulates it in any way you command the script to. Maybe the most spectacular use of WebHooks is for posting data automatically on your website each time a user fills in your form. Go on and create your comments form using 123FormBuilder, launch a creative question then sit back and enjoy as content starts to build up on your website!

Content where you wouldn’t expect to find it

Your small business form is in itself a piece of content that gets indexed once you embed it on your website. There is plenty of room in your form to host relevant content: in the form heading, labels, instructions or in HTML blocks. If you insert a link inside the form (e. g. via HTML blocks) it is dofollow by default and it gains some of the link authority of the page it’s embedded on. Go ahead and personalize your form! The more text it displays, the more clear the job gets for users and the more content rich your page becomes.

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