Four Form-Centric Ways to Stress Less at Work (and Save Your Health!)


by 123FormBuilder

Pulling out your hair? Screaming into your pillow? Lying awake at night worrying about spreadsheets? These are just a few signs that you might be stressed about your work. There are a wide range of reasons employees may become stressed, ranging from low salary or lack of opportunity to advance to not enough control over job decisions or lack of trust.

Workplace stress isn’t just detrimental to performance on the job, it can also cause serious health issues, including headaches, sleep disturbances, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and much more. In some work contexts, stressed and distracted workers can be a safety hazard to themselves and others. Eventually, stress can even contribute to depression, obesity, ulcers, heart disease and other medical conditions.

Whether you’re in upper management or farther down the ranks, stress at work is a real concern. The good news is that there are just as many ways to manage stress as there are triggers for it. Here are a few proven ways to reduce stress at work to try at your company:

1. Set Clear Goals

Ambiguity can be stressful. Setting clear goals for employees helps reduce stress by making sure employees know exactly what to focus on and how to succeed. Web forms can be a great way to set these goals, get them in writing and track progress against them over time.

2. Automate Workflows

Employees can become stressed when they spend a lot of time on repetitive manual tasks. Empower employees to do more by automating tasks with forms and workflows. Instead of requiring endless manual emails, checkins, uploads, or downloads, automate these steps to free up more time for work that matters to the company and is rewarding for employees.

3. Encourage Employees to Take a Break

Taking time off can help reduce stress and burnout, keeping employees happy and supporting retention over time. Unfortunately, if it’s stressful or confusing to request time off, or the company has an unclear or arbitrary vacation policy, employees may be less likely to take vacation. Create a clear vacation policy, enforce it consistently, and make it very easy for employees to get approval for time off requests by submitting a simple form.

4. Invite Input

Sometimes all employees want is to be heard. Setting up feedback forms, especially anonymous ones, can be a great way to solicit input from employees and identify stress before it becomes a problem. Create forms for both ideas and complaints, and regularly ask employees for their input. This can go a long way toward making employees less stressed.
Is stress a problem at your workplace? Start fighting it now with the right forms.

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