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If you follow us on our social media platforms, you probably saw that last month we decided to get festive and create our own version of the famous Advent Calendar. Through our Form Building Advent Calendar we marked the days before Christmas by unveiling a different form building tip/ trick from December 1st until December 24th.

We gathered feedback from user scenarios, their pain points, questions, opinions or suggestions on live chat, through emails or social media but also by analyzing in-product usage data. So we’ve come up with a variety of useful tips, from customization, branding and web form security best practices to lead generation tricks to help you get the most out of form building. 

Here’s the summary of the 24 form building tips, tricks and best practices brought to you by 123FormBuilder:

Tip 1. Integrate your web forms with 3rd party applications

For extended functionality, integrate your web forms with 3rd party applications. Find the right one for you! Depending on your needs, you can choose from 3rd party apps for email marketing, CRM, project and file management, event management, help desk, social and developer tools.

Tip 2. Optimize lead generation forms

Optimize your lead generation forms by implementing these key elements: Form visibility, informative and compelling headline, fewer required form fields, explicit or suggestive directional cues, link to a privacy policy, persuasive call-to-action button.

Tip 3. Create efficient lead generation forms

When creating lead generation forms avoid disruptive navigation, text cluttering, redundant form fields, clashing colors, vague words on the web form button.

Tip 4. Keep track of web form submissions 

Keep track of your web form submissions by generating real-time reports. You’ll be able to customize them with many types of widgets. Moreover, you can update, filter and share reports with others.

Tip 5. View all of the entries on your form and handle all data 

For a centralized management, in the Submissions section, you can view all of the entries on your form and handle all data as you see fit. You can resend, print or export your submissions to CSV or Excel and filter the information based on your prefered criteria.

Tip 6. Print form Submissions with Digital Signature fields

Make sure that printing background colors and images is enabled in your web browser. Otherwise, your signature will not appear on the printed page.

Tip 7. Enable matching input in two different fields.

You need to make sure that users provide and confirm their email addresses and enter the date in the appropriate format or type in their credit card number correctly? Simply enable matching input in two different fields.

Tip 8. Send autoresponders based on users’ input

You need an image to appear only when the customer has selected the product related to that image? Or you simply want to make sure you ask only relevant information to avoid form abandonment?

Use online form rules to tailor the form’s flow according to your visitors’ answers.

Tip 9. Measure customer happiness

So you’ve built the perfect Customer satisfaction survey to measure customer happiness and you’ve published it on different platforms. If you want to know which one drives you more form submissions, add a Google Analytics code to track this information.

Tip 10. Save time for your repeat customers 

When  you have repeat customers filling out your order forms or surveys, you can save them valuable time by enabling the autofill form fields option from your browser.

Tip 11. Ensure that your web form data is safe and secure

Ensure that your personal and sensitive web form data is safe and secure. Store it in encrypted format within your 123FormBuilder account.

Tip 12. Add Smart Captcha

By adding Smart Captcha (also known as verification number or verification code) to your form, you can make sure no robots will submit it while still keeping it easy and intuitive for users to fill it out. The code shows only when the system detects abusive behavior.

Tip 13. Securely collect personal, confidential or sensitive data 

You can securely collect personal, confidential or sensitive data from your form visitors and protect it from external threats through IP limitation, Captcha images, country filter, form password protection or uploads visibility.

Tip 14. Ensure a higher level of data protection

Protect your account against unauthorized access and security hacks by activating the multi-factor authentication option which involves an extra step to your login.

Tip 15. Increase your submission rate

You can increase your submission rate by splitting a long form into relevant sections. Whether you need to shorten a quiz, a survey or a job application form, enabling the multi-page feature will do the trick.

Tip 16. Break longer forms into multi-page forms

It will make them look easier to fill out, make them more interactive, improve user experience, reduce the exit rate of your web forms.

Tip 17. Branding is not just about your logo, theme colors and fonts

You can personalize form elements like the headline or the Submit button with your own cascading style sheet (CSS) to keep your brand’s tone and personality consistent.

Tip 18. Your font choices can have a strong impact on a form’s visual impression

With custom CSS you can widen the list of available 123FormBuilder fonts and add Google fonts to your online form.

Tip 19. Personalize the digital signature box on your form

You can take customization a little further and personalize the digital signature box on your formFrom changing the white colored background of the signature box to styling the clear link that shows up on the bottom right side of the signature box each time a form visitor provides a signature, you can do it all with custom CSS.  

Tip 20. Retain existing customers and entice new customers 

Incentives such as discounts can help you retain existing customers and entice new customers to increase their loyalty. You can easily create coupon codes and assign them to your order forms to offer price discounts.

Tip 21. Build efficient order forms

Integrate your web form with popular payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, add specific fields for delivery address and date, use number fields with validation, set payment recurrence and add what currency you need, create a “Thank you” message to be sent when your customers place an order online, integrate social buttons.

Tip 22. Allow your customers to preview  their order summary  

You want to allow your customers to preview  their order summary before submitting the form and go back to make changes if they need toSimply enable the submission summary.

Tip 23. Make web forms invisible to search engines.

Online forms have a specific URL that search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing might track. You can make the forms that you created with 123FormBuilder invisible to search engines.

Tip 24. You have different ways of publishing your web forms

On your website, ExactTarget, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Google Sites, Twitter, Hootsuite, Wix, Unbounce, Weebly, or by sharing its URL, using a lightbox or with domain aliasing.

And this brings our summary of form building tips to an end. Were these helpful? We sure hope so and we look forward to sharing many others with you.

For any questions or assistance don’t hesitate to contact our customer support specialists at And be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our latest news, articles, use cases, more tips and tricks, sneak peeks, behind the scenes and more.

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