Everything You Need to Know About Creating HIPAA Compliant Medical Forms with 123FormBuilder


by 123FormBuilder

 As technology is evolving, the healthcare sector grows with it and has a great impact on patients. Everything is digital now, paper forms should be as well.

Since different questions about how to get the best out of your online medical forms or other types of questions related to medical forms can come up along the way, in this article, we hope to provide some answers to address them.

Let’s get started!

Is 123FormBuilder HIPAA compliant? 

Yes. 123FormBuilder is HIPAA compliant. Since our primary priority is to offer a secured environment for all users, we’re taking all measures so that our customers who are subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act can protect data according to HIPAA. Find out more.

Can medical forms be integrated into any website?

You can embed our web forms on any website, blog and social platform. Simply copy the code optimized for each and then paste it on your website. It’s up to you to decide what form publishing option suits you best. You can share the form link via email or messenger, set up the form to open in a lightbox or link to your medical forms through text, images or floating buttons.

Do medical forms blend in with any website?

With 123FormBuilder you can easily style your medical forms to match the look and feel of any website. You can style forms by tweaking your theme settings and you can also use your own cascading style sheet (CSS) to customize their look.

Can I schedule dates into my Google Calendar?

The 123FormBuilder – Google Calendar integration allows you to do that. Your patients will be able to create events and register as attendees at existing events from your Google Calendar account.

Does 123FormBuilder accept digital signatures?

Yes. 123FormBuilder accepts digital signatures.

Can I send confirmation emails to patients?

You can easily send a customized confirmation message through email. Moreover, after submission, you can redirect your form visitors to a certain webpage, a confirmation message that leads to a webpage or to a report.

Can I set up Access Levels and Permissions for web forms?

You can conveniently configure forms to only be visible for members of a specific group or certain staff members. This is how you can set up Access Levels and Permissions for web forms.

Is my data protected with 123FormBuilder?

We take great interest in keeping our users’ data safe and secure. Consequently, we’ve implemented powerful features that maximize security and protect our customers’ data from spam, network attacks or any other threats. This is how we handle service security.

Wanna learn more? Did you know that you can schedule a HIPAA Information call with us?

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    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your comment! 123FormBuilder offers a HIPAA-compliant option on our Compliance Plan. In case you settle for this option on the Compliance Plan, the forms will be automatically compliant with the HIPAA regulations (e.g: some form building options will be automatically disabled to ensure the security of the form). Please let us know if you have any questions! Also, you can find more information about our HIPAA-compliance forms @123FormBuilder here and here.

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