Engage in The Journey! 2015: A Year for Reaching Higher


by 123FormBuilder

Cyberspace: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship 123FormBuilder. Its 2015 mission: to explore new tracks, to seek out new ideas and new user civilizations, to boldly go where no web form builder has gone before… It’s gonna be a ride to remember and you’re invited on board. Put on your safety belt, play your favorite song and let’s take a glimpse into what awaits us in 2015. 

You agree that things these days are moving at a fast pace, don’t you? They’re on fast forward. They change in a blink of an eye. When you’re thinking that you get the hang of one thing… Bam! An update kicks in. A new version enters the stage. In this context you’ll end up having quite a load of questions about all sorts of things. But that’s not bad, is it? Asking questions makes the world go round and we embrace that as one of the key objectives for our 2015: exploring new horizons by asking better questions. It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question, right? So here’s what we’ll “ask-plore” along with you.

How can we become more powerful together?

You surely know this story. It’s as old as humankind. As actual as a Twitter update. Since forever humans tried to exceed their potential. To reach higher through inventions, discoveries, quests, battles, you name it. Nowadays, we’re no strangers to that.

We’re not saying that we plan a revolution of some kind. We’re saying that we’ll work even harder to empower you: our savvy users.  To share. To connect. To shorten the distance and become a stronger community aiming to make the most out of 123FormBuilder features.

Warm up for our upcoming webinars and live events. We’ll share our know how but also build up out of the box ways to put the microphone in your own hands so… prepare your questions.

How can we communicate better?

In today’s information crowded setting it takes some effort to settle a meaningful conversation. Don’t you find? That’s why we’ll gear up and step on that social throttle. The sun has set on the era in which companies speak without listening. We want to find out more about your experience with our product. Share your dilemmas, your expectations and your feedback. We’re totally open to your input and be sure that your ideas will drop on fertile ground. We’re already planning on shaping up our content strategy in order to make it more relevant to your needs – i.e. concocting a series of articles about making the most of each web form feature. Sounds interesting?

Drop us a comment or an email whenever you feel like finding out more about a certain aspect regarding web form building. As well as this, make sure to check our Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and LinkedIn pages – we’re redesigning the whole experience and you are in the center of it. Let’s jump start insightful conversations ‘cause they’re the best means to really great ideas.

How can we help you build even more awesome web forms?

We’re only as good as our clients regard us. That’s why we seek each solution we work out, each feature we develop to be as close as possible to your needs. Nobody wants just another pretty web form feature if it’s not deeply useful.

We know that you don’t have all the time in the world to create that great web form so do count on our full support to make that happen easy, fast and smart.

Along with our fully dedicated support team, we’ll further work on bringing as many useful tools to the table as possible. We’ll enrich our how to guides and tutorials so that you can understand better and faster how to set up your desired web form. And when it comes to questions, without any modesty we dare you to hit us with your best shot. We got what it takes to make you a satisfied client. And it’s not just us saying.

With all these in our agenda and in our minds, 2015 sure looks like a challenging, all-fun, rollercoaster year. How’s that seatbelt? Have you buckled up?

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