Calling All Website Builders: How Wix And 123FormBuilder Can Help You


by 123FormBuilder

In a time when people complain about time shortage and continuous rise of competitiveness in the business area, it’s crucial to stay efficient, while still offering high-quality services. That is if you don’t want to be eaten alive by the sharks out there in the business pool.

This is the kind of time that makes you learn to value the things that help you do your work faster, better and easier. “Things” like this can be tools and apps dedicated to take care of specific aspects from your business, such as contact management, accounting, marketing and so on.

On of the basic components of almost every business is a website. How else would your business exist and be visible to so many customers if it hadn’t got a website? If your business doesn’t already have a website, you should definitely get one. In order to do this, you have several options, like the one in which you hire a web design agency.

Though, a very handy alternative to contracting a web design agency to build your website is using a service that lets you build your website yourself. Even if it might sound complex for some of us, it really isn’t, since there are apps like Wix, that allow you to create your own website without coding skills. It’s magic, that’s for sure.

Wix is a cloud-based website building platform that allows users create HTML5 and mobile sites, all by using a drag-and-drop editor.Thus, if you need a presentation site for your business, a feedback site for your products and services or basically any other type of website, Wix can help you build one with just a few clicks and absolutely no headaches.

Let’s imagine you are a small business owner and offer dog training services. You could force your luck and take a walk in the park to find new “clients”, or you can build yourself a Wix website, where you can insert a photo gallery of your past protegees, use the colors most appealing to your furry friends and their owners, and embed videos showing your perfect dog training skills.

To take the discussion one step further, even if you’re not a small business owner, but a web designer, using a website builder can still benefit you. It has the power to spare you several hours of coding and make you work a lot faster, so that you’ll be able to focus on other things or to take care of more customers.

Let’s go back to the example where you imagined yourself as a dog trainer. You have the presentation website for your business, you’ve included photos and videos to convince potential clients, and you’d just need an easy way for them to contact you. If there would only be an app that takes care of this for you… Wait, there is! And you’ve guessed it, it’s 123FormBuilder for Wix.

wix 123cf app

Our integration with Wix lets you create all the form types you need and easily insert them into your website. The app offers our already known features, such as real time form building, advanced customization, upload fields, Captcha codes, Google Spreadsheets integration, data exporting to CSV or PDF, custom ‘Thank You’ page and others.

The 123FormBuilder app is specially created for Wix and you can find it in their marketplace, from where you can add it to your website(s). It’s designed as a minified version of our service and allows you to work on your forms straight from within the Wix editor.

In order to use 123FormBuilder on your Wix websites, you have 2 options: you can either use the standard templates which are available to you and theme-customizable even if you don’t log into your account, or you can use your existing 123FormBuilder account or create a new one to access the more advanced features and to build a form from scratch, if you wish to.

Once you’re done building and customizing your form inside your 123FormBuilder account, you simply need to hit “Publish Form” and the form will be inserted on your Wix website. You can walk through this fast & easy process for every from you’d like to see on your website.

When you are inside the Wix editor and you click on your form, a lightbox appears, showing you options like app settings, upgrade, and support contact details. You can use these for simple operations like choosing a form template or a theme, choose the advanced feature plan, access the 123FormBuilder website, connect your account, or email our support staff, who will be happy to help you out.

To draw a conclusion, we’ve designed the 123FormBuilder app for Wix in order to make the lives of website builders easier. If you are using it, we’d be happy to hear your feedback in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or on our Twitter channel.

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