A Teacher’s Online Diary For Self Assessment On U.S. National Teacher Day


by 123FormBuilder

Learning is an essential part that defines both our personality and professional interest. School, courses, trainings, they all revolve around knowledge presentation. Thus, our own preferences regarding how we learn usually rely on both materials and people involved in the learning process.

Moreover, as a general truth, we do not learn from people we don’t like. Just take a simple look back to your school years, you probably had good grades at subjects where you liked the teacher. So, just imagine if teachers could really find a way to connect with their students, how things could improve and how easy learning would become.

So, for today’s U.S. National Teacher Day, part of the Teacher Appreciation Week, everyone could take a moment and just #ThankATeacher who managed to build that significant relationship that granted you the capability of enhancing your learning potential.

But let’s flip sides and say hello to educators. This week is all about you and as teachers, you should be the first ones to really appreciate the work you do and, for a second, leave all the modesty behind to be proud of your achievements.

Keeping track through forms to better develop yourself

Let’s talk a bit on how teachers can use forms to keep things transparent and let parents and students see their contribution.

Maybe it sounds a bit old-school, but have you thought of keeping a diary? You could do it online, with a form and give it a new dimension. So it could be a universal tool of keeping track of all the things you achieve during a year, a semester or even a week. Here is just a short excerpt on how it could look like:

 online teacher diary

You have checkboxes for objectives, text areas for longer descriptions, Likert scales to measure satisfaction and all kinds of form fields to keep things clean and tidy.

You can publish this form on your blog with our dedicated WordPress plugin. If you want to go a step further, try making a website with WIX and use our 123FormBuilder to publish this form and many more.

You have full control over the form customization and you can add extra functionality to your forms. This is not all, our form builder is really adaptable and you could use it to gather feedback from your students, parents or school administration.

Online forms are a great asset even when it comes to contributing to your acknowledgments. Through such a form you could be the first one to know how good or bad your year was, who were the students you really connected with and how many “Thank You!”s you received during a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, keep calm and carry on teaching!

Happy Teacher Day for all American teachers!

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