5 Ways To Improve Your Booking Form Conversion Rate


by 123FormBuilder

Booking Form CoverTwo days ago it was officially the first day of summer, and you know what that means. Everyone starts making plans about where they’ll go this summer and they begin imagining themselves next to a pool; or maybe they’re more adventurous and would like to go in a safari.

So, if you’re a traveling agency, here are some tips to improve your booking form conversion rate and make more customers happy by sending them to their dream destinations.

1. Ask the customer only for relevant information, and just that

This is well known conversion optimization technique, not only for booking forms, but for any type of form. Users feel discouraged to fill out a form if it asks for too much information. So don’t ask the customer for irrelevant information (such as his address) because that will stop him from filling out the form.

Tip: People are weary to give out their phone number because they do not want to be part of a database and receive cold calls – so either don’t ask for the phone number or turn it into an unrequired field.

2. Fewer fields means an increased conversion rate

The last point pours into this one. Less information needed translates into fewer fields, which in turn increases your booking form conversion rate. Keep it simple – Clare Boothe Luce said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Seriously think about the information you need from the customer and keep only those fields.

3. Design the booking form so it looks one with the website

Keep consistent brand colors throughout the form – it will create trust. The last thing you want is for your customer to think they’ve landed on the wrong page. This will seriously discourage them from filling out your booking form. Customize your form so it blends perfectly with your website and with your brand.

Highlight the field they are about to fill in order to let the users know where they are in the form. This truly helps in the case of a long form, where there is a chance that a user will lose sight of how far along he is.

Tip: Trust is an important factor when increasing conversion rates. A customer has to willingly give out personal information in exchange for your services, therefore establishing trust is crucial in this process.

4. Use micro-copy for guiding customers towards clicking that submit button

Here’s an example conducted by Michael Aagaard of Content Verve. By changing the form’s micro-copy into something that offers more information about the kind of deal customers get if they sign up.

micro copy example

Read more from the article on micro-copy to see how it can help your booking form convert more customers. The information presented here can be used with any kind of form you would use (newsletter forms, online order forms, etc.).

5. Successfully use the thank you page to do some post-conversion magic

You did it! Your customers booked their trip, their hotel room, their flight or their shuttle towards the accommodation. Now here is your chance to take things a step further.

Our new thank you page page is a huge opportunity to develop post-conversion marketing and thus taking your booking form to the next level. Post-conversion marketing is a chance for you to continue communicating with your customers and invite them to take further action. The thank you page has an HTML Block in which you can insert a picture, a video, a link or all of them. Use the picture to get them excited about the trip they just bought. A video can be shared and a link can take them to another form to book a taxi from the airport to the hotel. The options are endless.

Use this tips and you’ll be well on your way to increased booking form conversion rates. If you need anymore advice, do not hesitate to leave a comment or a tweet.

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  1. Thanks for the Information to Improve my booking form Conversion Rate. Now i am going to use this 5 Ways. Thanks Alex.

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