360 Degree Feedback – the Real Truth


by 123FormBuilder

The only way to actually evaluate an employee is by evaluating from all sides. This can be easily done by using the 360 Degree Feedback form. This form will provide you with the information you need from all aspects of the performance of an employee. The employee, as well as managers, subordinates, and co-workers, fill out a form answering the same exact questions. This form can be used to decide whether an employee should receive a promotion or possibly more training.

The 360 Degree Feedback form can be shown to the employee so he or she can better understand the way their work performance is perceived by others compared to their own thoughts about the way they perform their duties. The best part is this can all be done online, so when discussing the results with the employee they will not have to know the person or persons behind the answers but can be presented in a group manner so the employee can learn how to better perform their duties.

The questions on the 360 Degree Feedback form include the position whether an employee, manager, subordinate, or peer. The next section is for the information of the employee being evaluated. The next group of questions is on job knowledge in which a box will be chosen from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Questions include understanding the job, knows how to operate equipment, follows rules, and shares knowledge with co-workers along with a comment box for any added thoughts. The next section is on productivity and has the same check box method with questions concerning enthusiasm in work, meets deadlines, never late, multitasking abilities, and completes tasks correctly, once again with a comment box. Teamwork is next with a checkbox method with questions regarding respect, handles criticism, the ability to work with a team, the ability to share resources, and work performance. Leadership is next with the same answering choosing method with questions regarding responsibility, work without supervision, high-pressure situations, and the ability to motivate others. The last section is centered on overall performance with questions topics being promotion, dismissal and additional comments.

The best way to learn about an employee is by seeing the way all those that work with the employee on a daily basis view the person. Just because a person is present at work every day and is fun to have around does not mean they are pulling their share of the work load. Using an anonymous system like the 360 Degree Feedback form that allows coworkers and managers the chance to speak the truth will provide you with the feedback you need to ensure you have employees that actually are part of the team instead of just dead weight that is making everyone else work harder.

By using the 360-Degree Feedback, you will be able to gather the information you need to decide whether an employee should be promoted or should be sent to the unemployment line.

Check our free 360-Degree feedback template. All you have to do is login to your 123FormBuilder account and add that template.


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