3 Out-of-the-box Types of Web Forms You Can Build With the New Payments and Calculations


by 123FormBuilder

Our new payments section enables users to gather secure online payments through their web forms, to make complex calculations, show the payment summary and real-time payment. The way you organize your payments is much easier now as you can choose your payment processor, the currency and you can also test payments through a sandbox.

The new payments section is very useful for multiple things such as reservations, selling services, goods, receiving or making contributions. Moreover, setting various formulas to fields and calculation rules makes things easier. The new feature can also be used for creating different, enticing and engaging web forms. For example, you can add special fields, set specific calculation rules that tell people their real age.

Web forms that calculate your real age

The web forms that can tell someone’s real age can be extremely funny and catchy. Start by including some interesting questions about people’s lifestyle, the year when they were born, how often they exercise, body shape, the place where they were born and more. A great thing would be to add some recommendations to offer something useful to your users, which will add credibility. Regardless of their current state of health, by filling in such web forms, respondents can become more aware of their lifestyle and how this impacts their health and look.

web form calculations feature

Labor prediction

The calculation features can be used in this different context, too – that of labor prediction. There are so many future moms that are very curious to find out the date when they will deliver their baby. Such a web form can be fun, but it can also be set to best estimate the day when their baby will enter this world. This type of form includes fields related to mom’s, husband’s or previous children’s birth history, how long their labor was, their weight when they were born and other similar questions.


Body mass index

Body mass index can also be built with the new payments and calculations feature. Body mass index (BMI) calculates the body fat based on weight and height and is applied to both men and women. You can build a web form that helps people determine if they have a healthy weight by including several pieces of information such as: weight, height, birth date and sex. Such online forms can be used by doctors to screen for weight categories that may cause health issues. There is also the possibility to build web forms that calculate body mass index for children and teens, too. Although BMI is not a diagnostic tool, it’s a fairly reliable screening tool that can identify some potential weight problems that people might have.


The above types of forms can be customized very easily to be catchy and unique. Then, step by step, new elements can be added such as logo, colors, images and anything else needed to customize an online form. All you need to do is to go to the Themes section and choose a predefined theme, which can be personalized as you wish.

123FormBuilder enables anyone to build unique and engaging web forms for multiple purposes without coding. The form can be published on a website, Facebook page, blog or as a direct link via email, messenger or Twitter. Your web forms can be protected against spam or unwanted submissions if you choose to use smart CAPTCHA, verification numbers, passwords or country filters.

With the 123FormBuilder online form builder, creating complex and various web forms is as easy as 1-2-3!

Have you built similar online forms? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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