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If you imagine the opening of the new school year as an orchestra just starting up (like this one), then the school administrator ought to be in the place of the conductor. He is the one to put everybody in tune and keep an ear on everything that happens under the school roof.

Instead of actual instruments, the school principal’s opera usually employs lots and lots of files, schedules and management tasks. It may be hard to breathe under such loads of work if you rely on standard offline tools and procedures alone. However, there is an easier alternative for handling many of the day-to-day duties of a school administrator: online education forms.

Principal’s drawer gets moved to the cloud

There is a reason why school administrators from around the world state web forms as being one of the must have tools that help them manage their schools. As a matter of fact, it’s not just one reason but a couple of them:

  1. Online school forms are a handy communication interface between you as an administrator and your stakeholders – not only students and their parents, or your colleague teachers, but also the local community, potential employers, not for profit organizations and many more. Not just information can be transferred through web forms, but also school documents and even payments.
  2. All databases and reports involved in administering a school can be replaced by their online version, thus web forms eliminate the hassle of paperwork and increase office efficiency. Your “principal’s drawer” can get a lot lighter. If you transfer your data to the cloud through simple inputs in an online form, you will be able to access and update the information anytime, anywhere.

paper burden

The best part about web forms such as those you build with 123FormBuilder is that they require almost zero time and resources to put up. There is no server to install at your school, everything is entirely remotely-hosted and you can get a full overview of the data at every moment. If you need, you can draw custom reports or export submissions to CSV – plus our integrations with apps such as Google Drive and Smartsheet enable you to transfer data to the handy online spreadsheet format. You eliminate paper, the hassle of postage (e.g. for parent surveys) and save hours of work.

Top forms for school administrators

One of the recurring tasks for the staff of educational institutions, whether it’s about K-12 or the upper education, is managing student demographics. Online school forms come in handy when it comes to admissions. For students, an online enrollment form is probably the friendliest method of applying for admission; for you as a school administrator, it’s a simple mean to accept applications and keep track of everything.

Secondly, the day to day tasks of monitoring permissions slips, excused absences and tardy notes can be streamlined using 123FormBuilder. It takes just a simple online form that is also mobile compatible and can be filled in as you go.

Forms are a secure method of collecting online payments, for instance school fees, alumni donations and fundraisings. 123FormBuilder helps you receive payments using a variety of gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net, and process secure transactions through SSL encryption.

When it comes to motivating teachers and involving parents in school life, good communication is key and online forms can enable it. How about releasing a teacher evaluation form for parents and students along with a feedback form for the school’s principal? Gathering feedback on both directions can really help grasp a consistent image over the educational process.

With 123FormBuilder, it’s simple to create all forms mentioned above and many other custom forms. The real time form editor helps you build forms with no coding, just by dragging and dropping their fields in the workspace – or you can start from pre-made education form templates and choose which one is right for you.

You can receive submissions of documents online, and even ask for a digital signature if needed. Our custom email notifications help you direct form data to the right members of the staff in charge of it. To share the form, you can use an email link to the form or publish it on the school’s website; for confidential forms, there is the option of using password protection. The approval of submissions feature enables you to view information in the holding bin before you decide which details to be updated in the database.

With 123FormBuilder, you are in full control. And setting up your online forms is as easy as 1-2-3!

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