123ContactForm is now 123FormBuilder: Behind the Scenes


by 123FormBuilder

123contactform is now 123formbuilder

You may have noticed that 123ContactForm is now 123FormBuilder, with a new name, look, and product. Our CEO Florin Cornianu has the following things to say regarding the reasons behind the change and what it means for customers like you.

Why the new name?

When we started this company back in 2008, our objective was to provide a simple way to create online forms. Ten years later, we’re so much more than a contact form builder, and we feel like we have outgrown the name 123ContactForm because our users can create all types of web forms, surveys, and workflows with our platform. The new name preserves our essence but also incorporates the full spectrum of what our product can do.

What does it mean to you and the team to have been around for 10 years?

The process of growing from two founders 10 years ago to almost 100 people today has made us appreciate every moment of the company’s growth. We’re very proud of our team members and how they’ve evolved year after year, always keeping our customers in mind. A growing team and constantly improving product are the recipe for a successful company, and now we’re building on that success by launching a completely new form editor that’s based on the latest technologies and incorporates all the lessons we’re learned since day one.

What does it mean to your customers that you’ve been around for 10 years?

We wouldn’t be here, 10 years later, without the amazing support we’ve received from our awesome customers. The customer means everything to us, which is why our focus has always been to make sure we’re delivering the best product we can address our customers’ business needs. From our point of view, we’re still keeping the same promise and the same approach with the new name and new decade.

Why the focus on enterprise solutions?

One of the main pillars of our company has always been the ability to adapt. We react to customer needs and tweak our product in order to help them. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increasing number of users who represent large enterprises and find that our product holds the solution to their advanced requirements. It was a natural step for us to move into that market and build a tool based on all the lessons we’ve learned in the last 10 years.

What’s new in the product?

Our completely new form builder has a friendly, intuitive full-screen interface that lets you build complex layouts without any code. You can drag and drop every element and even adjust alignment, labels, and inputs in a visual editor that shows exactly what your final product will look like. The menu is a simple sidebar that gives you easy access to all the tools you need and includes a catalog of themes to choose from, or lets you build your own theme.

The fresh look of the editor is exciting, but we’re most excited to be able to offer fully mobile responsive forms and much faster performance: form rules now process up to 100 times faster and complex new workflow features are available, too. Plus, the rebuilt tool lets us release new features faster, so you can count on enjoying even more exciting new capabilities in the future.

What does the name change mean for customers?

Existing customers will retain their ability to log in to 123FormBuilder and build powerful forms as usual, just in a new interface. New customers will simply be working with 123FormBuilder from the start. We hope you like the new name!

What’s next for 123FormBuilder?

Looking to the future, we plan to deliver the same level of care and dedication to our customers that we always have. Understanding our customers is the first step toward helping them achieve their business needs.

We’re aiming to move closer towards enterprise customers because our product is slowly evolving to be a workflow management platform, rather than just a form builder.

From a technology point of view, we’re looking deeper into artificial intelligence, machine learning and other trends that could bring value to 123FormBuilder and our customers.

How does this affect you?

Your web forms will not be affected by this migration. You do not need to change the URLs or republish the forms on your page. If you encounter problems with your forms, contact us at support[at]123formbuilder.com.

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  1. The new software does not allow putting a link from the form to a web page, the previous one does. This creates problems for me to incorporate in the forms the possibility to access into the company’s privacy policy from the form. Do you know how to resolve this problem? thank you, very much!

    1. Hi,

      I apologize for replying this late. Regarding your question, no. You can leave the form as is. The redirect is done automatically from our side. Thanks!

  2. All. please be aware that with this transition the 123 Contact Form App, previously available on the Apple App store, will no longer work. Per technical support they no longer provide support for the App and have pulled it from the store. So you will now find the very convenient way to quickly view submission from the phone, without the need to log into their system using a browser, is gone.

    Hopefully the development team will see the need and re-implement an App.

    1. Thanks for that note, Thomas. I hope the full functionality of the site, including the app, will remain. The ease of use is one reason I chose this platform over others. If it becomes cumbersome to use and track, that is not helpful. Thanks again.

  3. What does this do for 123 Contact Form links we already have imbedded into websites, email templates, etc. where the link itself directs to http://live.123formbuilder.com? Will there be a new webpage and will those links be redirected automatically to the new location or should we be planning to set-up those links again for a new location? I am concerned about the additional costs associated with updates to those links if website updates, in particular, are going to be needed.

    1. Hello Priscilla!

      All URLs from our website will be redirected, including the links to your web forms and the embed code that you have used on your page. So you don’t need to do anything.

  4. Interesting….one FAQ I didn’t see addressed is “Will the 123FormBuilder domain still direct people to forms under the old name?” We have thousands of emails and hyperlinks to our forms under the prior name and wouldn’t want to have to re-enter the domain everywhere.

    1. Hello Michael!

      You do not need to apply any changes, the URLs are redirected automatically as of tomorrow. We are aware of such use cases and therefore decided to make sure you do not need to do any extra work. Your forms will be functional on the same links you have used until now.

    1. Hi Katie,

      You do not need to update your contact form on your website. It’s taken care of by us through automatic redirects. Your contact form should be still functional by tomorrow when we start the migration.

  5. Nice. Looking forward to using the new builder. WIll I need to update any code on my websites that use .js? will any forms I have out to clients in the form of a URL need updating?

    1. Hello John,

      We appreciate your support. You don’t need to update any code of your web forms on your website. We’re going to redirect all links to the new domain, so you don’t have to worry. Even your .js embedded forms will work after migration.

    1. Hi,

      All current URLs are automatically redirected, meaning that your web forms will still be available and functional as you have used them until now.

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