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About the organization

The Butterfly Foundation is an Australian non-profit organization supporting people having eating disorders and negative body image that organizes several workshops in schools and workplaces. Each event is focused on positive body image subjects and happens through different types of educational organizations.

Moreover, The Butterfly Foundation offers support services with a National Support Line and web counseling running Australia-wide between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM weekdays. The Butterfly Foundation is committed to prevention and early implementation of strategies to limit the development of eating disorders.

Challenges faced by The Butterfly Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation created a competition called The Body Con which by nature needed a registration form able to support different file uploads. Moreover, since the uploaded files were videos, they needed extended storage space, that would support their effort each time. This is why they started looking for an affordable solution suitable for their needs, a cloud-based tool that is easy-to-use and customizable.

Registration forms for the competition had to be designed in order to can be easily embedded on their website, in order to gather as many attendees as possible. Moreover, the registration form had to include the terms of service of the competition in a friendly manner. Having all these requirements gathered on paper, the Butterfly Foundation started looking for a powerful solution that would offer the proper information to their public and collect data in an easy way.

Finding the right solution

After several days of research, The Butterfly Foundation reached 123FormBuilder, where they found the proper guidance and an extended solution that would be flexible enough to be adapted to their needs. The organization was able to place an upload button on their forms which supported up to 5MB files or offers a downloadable link for larger files.

Additionally, the form builder editor offered them the possibility to add the desired terms of service field with a pop-up box for a friendlier interface. At the same time, the registration form was customized to fit their website, without much effort or even having to write a single code line.

Results and accomplishments

The Butterfly Foundation is now able to register participants in a friendly environment. Videos started to be easily collected through an upload button placed on each registration form and people are informed about the conditions of each competition in a straightforward way.

The organization succeeded to create a friendly onboarding for their competition and a communication tool with their attendees without any extra effort. After a period of trying out the 123FormBuilder solution and receiving guidance from our support team, they applied for the NPO discount and this way, they found an affordable solution that met all their requirements.

123FormBuilder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!
Kath Courts
Communications Manager at The Butterfly Foundation

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