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About the company

The District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, also known as DC Fire, provides emergency medical services and fire protection to Washington DC. With over 150.000 calls per year, they receive a large volume of data and information that needs to be well-documented and securely stored, in order to have an optimal internal communication and clear responsibilities for all of the employees.

Challenges faced by DC Fire

The proper management of a large volume of information, the optimization of internal processes across several departments, and the security of data are among the most important issues of a public institution. From simple to complex processes, the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department started to look for solutions that will help them face the current difficulties.

  • Digitize paper forms
  • Design better internal processes
  • Improve external communication for human resources
  • Automate daily reporting tasks.

In terms of internal processes, the business needed a solution that would facilitate the recruiting new fire cadets, gather employee feedback in a more efficient way, handle the requests for new pieces of equipment, authorize the release of information or documents for external usage, running internal audits and generate reports based on internal data.

Moreover, the firefighters and medical officers are often performing different on-site inspections within buildings, metro stations to check the safety of specific locations or pieces of equipment.     

Finding the right solution

Jyoti Agrawal, Project Manager at DC Fire started researching different tools online. During the research process, she got to test out the 123FormBuilder solution which promised to offer a simple and intuitive form builder with extensive functionalities that could help their multiple needs and shape a better process across each department.

Transform manual process into automated tools

With growth came challenges and DC Fire started to support the collection and management of a large volume of data with the support of 123FormBuilder. External data and information started to be more securely stored through a reliable database and SSL encrypted forms, on top of which we added approval in chain feature and print functionality.

Internal processes are now empowered and well-documented by digital forms that automate internal communication and feedback. Custom real-time reports for DCFire’s employees are now based on building and filling out forms which connect to a database for handling their daily responsibilities. As this was a time-consuming task, it required an easily accessible web solution to digitize the existing paper forms, generate reports and provide an easily accessible way to manage data.

Moreover, automated notifications are now triggering custom messages across various departments or processes. From hiring new cadets, paramedics that need to be informed about the status of their recruitment process, to informing custom event attendees, confirm the report of certain fire incidents or accidents.

Results and accomplishments

This is how the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department simplified and optimized their processes and added an important layer of security above their data collection flow.

Other key benefits of using the 123FormBuilder solution:

  • Collect data quickly and efficiently for an optimal communication process and correct information routing
  • Manage internal resources and automate the request process for each new item
  • Optimize on-site inspections for buildings, equipment pieces or other items
  • Transform incident, injuries, accident reports into a simple communication process
  • Simplify registration for internal training sessions or public educational events
  • Improve employee management
As a general impression, the product is easy to use, has advanced functionality, and the dedicated team communicates constantly with us, making all the necessary tweaks to meet our needs. I am an IT person and I'm usually looking for tools and ways to simplify my work.
Jyoti Agrawal
Project Manager at DC Fire

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