Tracking Your Web Form’s Activity with Notifications


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Using web forms is a lot like having a personal assistant: they hold your messages, manage your appointments and so on. Though, they can’t make you coffee. But if you wouldn’t hire an lazy assistant, why would you settle with a form that just sends you data without interacting with the parties involved? Optimizing your forms with customs notifications is a step forward towards business automation. It will save you time and keep everyone updated about the topics concerning them

Below we’ll show you how to set up notification in order to improve your business processes fast and easily:

    • Multiple email recipients. By default, you are the email recipient of each form you have created, but you can add more recipients to the same form and even create a logic, where some recipients receive the email notification only when a certain criteria is met on the form.


multiple email notifications for web form

This feature is useful for companies with many departments and managers. For example, you can create an online job application form that will send the application to HR, the department manager and the CEO. Or you can create a customer support form that will send the ticket to different teams based on the type of problem the respondent has selected on the form. The scenarios are endless.

To change the current recipient on the form, hover over the email address and press Edit or use the Delete button to remove it for good.

edit submission recipient

Remember that at least one recipient has to receive all email notifications which will be, by default, the email used to create your account.

    • Custom email notifications. With this option you can customize the structure of the email notification that you receive after each form submission. You can create email templates and populate them with form field inputs.

      web form email notifications

      An amazing thing about these email notifications is that you can reply directly from your email to the person who submitted the form. This is done by adding the email field to the form and selecting it in the drop down for Reply-to Email, under Email Header and Content.

      You can customize your notification even further through plain text or by using HTML for adding images, attachments and other elements.


manage email template for web form

    • Reference ID. This feature gives a unique identification number for each submission, which makes it much easier for you to find a particular entry in your submissions table. When receiving hundreds to thousands of submissions per day or week, this feature might prove useful.


advanced email notifications for forms - reference id and email footer settings

    • Email Footer. You can track the IP and browser of each form respondent. This information is saved in each entry under Submissions, but you can also follow these details in your email notifications. Your can also enable the entry ID and referrer in order to check them aswell. All this information can be viewed at the end of each email.


    • Attaching submissions as PDF to each email. Let’s face it, PDFs are like the salt in the sea for many businesses, so having a copy of the submission in a PDF file attached to your email notification is bliss. But what’s more intriguing is that you can make the PDF file show the submission within the form layout, though this will cost you some credits.


pdf submissions for web forms

    • Receiving email notifications through your own SMTP. You can streamline all emails that are sent from your web form through your own email client.


using smtp on form notifications

Just provide the host, port, username, password and protocol. If you do not know what to write in these boxes, check out this list that covers the major email clients. If you have a company address, ask your tech team to give you the needed information.

    • Google Analytics. You can keep an eye on your form visitors directly in your Google Analytics account. All you need to do is provide your profile ID and specify the domain of your website. If you are using Universal Analytics, all you need to is enable it under this feature. Immediately after you save, you can start tracking your form visitors. This is very useful for marketing agencies, but also for other types of businesses.


tracking form visitors with google analytics

    • SMS notifications. If you are working more on the field than in the office, surely this feature suits your needs. You can add your mobile phone number and receive notifications by SMS each time your form has been submitted. You can track orders this way, job applications, new messages, requests and other.


web form sms notifications

Each SMS is charged between 1 and 3 credits, depending on your service provider and country you are located in. The service to send SMS notifications after submission is provided by

    • Sending a submission copy to your respondents. Do you know those type of web forms, that after completing them your receive  a copy? You can do the same with your web forms, and it’s a great way of providing your respondents with a proof and reminder of their submission. The submission copy can be customized  by specifying the name and email address of the sender.


create confirmation messages for web forms

  • Confirmation messages / autoresponder emails. This is the most common way of communication used by companies with their clients through web forms. The client submits the form and receives an email for confirmation.


What’s awesome about the autoresponder feature is that you can schedule the email to be sent after a certain number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months have passed. Other web form builder send the autoresponders immediately and do not provide this type of functionality.

All of the above features are located in the SettingsNotifications section of your web form.

Finally, another great way to flourish communication on your web forms is to use the HTML block feature for the Thank You page. Here you can customize the page anyway you want by adding images, videos, rich-text, tables and many more.

customizing thank you page for form

What do you think? Are there any features mentioned above that you haven’t tried out yet? Comment below!

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