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The purpose of web forms is not merely to receive submissions. It actually comes down to how you manage and use those form submissions. 123FormBuilder offers various possibilities of handling received information – from simple email notifications to CSV export from our database or 3rd party apps integration. Besides these options, 123FormBuilder web forms accept multiple recipients and custom recipients. This is a very useful feature that allows you to establish from the very beginning who will be receiving form submissions based on specified criteria. Email notifications will thus be sent to the people in charge, inboxes will be happier and the overall efficiency of you and your partners will increase. So let’s take a look at how multiple recipients and custom recipients are set up.

Notification emails can be customized in your Settings -> Notifications section. By default, the email address listed as the submission receiver is the one used for creating your account. This means that all form submissions arrive in your inbox.

Notification Emails

To create multiple recipients for your web form, you only need to add new email addresses to the notification emails list. Press Add Notification Email. In the customization lightbox, start by typing in the notification email address. If you want all submissions to be sent to that address, then do nothing more. Leave the All Submission option selected and press Add Notification. From now on, form submissions will be sent to both the primary email address and the new one that you have added.

But perhaps you want to set up not only multiple recipients, but also custom recipients. By doing this, you will have email notifications sent to specific addresses when form submissions conform to a predefined criterion. After you’ve typed in the new notification email address, select – in the dropdown list on the next row – the form field that will influence submission behavior. In the example below, we selected Message subject. In the next dropdown list, you can choose between the following options: is, is not, contains, does not contain, begins with, ends with, options that speak for themselves. Finally, type the words or characters against which user input will be compared. In our example, we are targeting the form submissions in which users provided Feature request as the message subject.

Custom Notification Emails

Then simply press Add Notification and the custom recipient address will be added to your notification emails list. In case you’re wondering about the dropdown list on the first row, we’ll get to it in a second. For now, take a look at our new notification emails list. We’ve got multiple recipients and one custom recipient address. The first email address still receives all submissions, whereas the second one receives submissions when the message subject is feature request.

Custom Notifications - Multiple Recipients

Digging deeper into custom notification emails, the first dropdown list in your customization lightbox contains two options: also and only. If the also option is selected, notifications will be sent to both the primary email address and the new one. If option only is selected, then the newly added email will be the only one receiving notifications. (In these examples, we are referring to only two notification email addresses, but feel free to use as many notification emails as you need.)

Further, if you are targeting a checkbox field in your notification emails lightbox, you’ll see that all available choices are displayed in the dropdown list containing form fields. Since this is a multiple choice field and more than one option can be selected by your form visitors, choices have to be displayed separately. Select the checkbox option that you want and then choose between is checked and is not checked. In the example below, if Subject – General inquiry is checked within form submissions, notifications will be sent only to the newly added custom recipient.

Notifications - Custom Recipients

To remove a recipient from your notification emails list, select the email address and press Delete Selected.

As you can see, multiple recipients and custom recipients can be set up as easy as 1-2-3. Use them to manage form submissions better and faster! To test notification emails options, log in to your 123FormBuilder account.

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