Payment Forms: Using Both Offline & Online Payment Options

When working in eCommerce, offering different payment options on checkout is important, and that’s because not everyone can pay you the same way, so you need diversity to appeal to your market. This will not only get you more money, but also increase the trust of your business. How is that? Well, many might return doing more business with you this way. 

If you’ve read my article on how to integrate your web forms with payments, you already know how to create an order form and get money through submissions in PayPal, Stripe or any other payment gateway with 123FormBuilder. If you haven’t read my article yet, check it out now before moving onward.

By default, when using more than one payment gateway, an extra field will appear on the form, showing the available payment options (e.g. PayPal and Stripe on the form will trigger two payment options automatically). Depending on your settings, this special field will appear before the submit button or on the checkout page of the form, where the payment summary is displayed.

payment form with payment options

However, if you want to add an option for customers to pay offline (e.g. through a bank transfer), you will need the create a particular flow. 

Following with the example from my previous article, I have created a subscription form that you may view below. I have added PayPal as the payment gateway to receive payments online, but I have decided to complete transactions offline too, not just through PayPal. This is in case some of my customers would rather pay me through a bank transfer, as an example. So what I will do to make this scenario work is the following:

1. I will add a single choice field to the form with the name “Payment method” and include among the available choices online and offline (or PayPal and offline).

order form with offline payment - editor

2. In SettingsRules, I will click the Form Rules tab.

payment forms - creating conditional logic

3. By clicking the blue Add Rule button I will add a new rule.

4. I will create this condition: If “Payment method – offline” is checked then redirect to any web page of my choice. Let’s say I have a custom web page built on my website that contains some information on my bank account. Customers will use that information to complete the transaction through a transfer.

payment form with offline payment - conditional rule

Now, if a customer selects the offline payment method, he/she will be redirected to my custom HTML page. This is just a scenario. You don’t need a web page if you were thinking on another offline method. Moreover, keep note that I have added one offline payment option to  the form, but you can add as many as you want. If you want to add more, repeat the steps above. 


  • Remember to always use the Finished button to save your rule.
  • By default, rules are enabled automatically on the form once you have finished creating your first one. You can check this by verifying that the option “Enable rules for this form” is enabled, as seen in the image above.

If you’re using several payment options (e.g. PayPal, Stripe and and you want to follow the steps above to add an offline payment option, I’d suggest you do the following:

  • Add the payment summary after the form is submitted and use the real-time payment summary on the form. These two options are located in SettingsPayments, under Summary and Discounts. By doing so, your customers will only see the online payment options if they choose to pay you that way. Otherwise, if they choose to pay you offline, they will be redirected to your page, instead of the payment summary page of the form. Moreover, by using the real-time payment summary, your customers will be always aware of how much they have to pay before checking out.

We will continue our series of articles related to payment forms with our next article: how to use several PayPal accounts on the same order form. 

Do you have certain scenarios in mind that you would like us to discuss in the future? Comment below.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us! You can skip the payment process by adding a Form Rule to the “offline” choice. While you edit the form, go to Settings – Rules – Form Rules. Here you have to set the “offline” choice to redirect to an external page (it can be on of th pages of your website). The rule should look like this: IF offline is checked, THEN redirect to, where is the external page where the form will redirect after submit.

      We made a short video that will demonstrate the above instructions:

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