Managing File Uploads Like a Pro Through Web Forms

Did you try the upload feature on your web forms?

Now’s the chance, especially since this guide will teach you everything there is to know about file uploads and how they can help you collect and manage documents and pictures that are submitted by your form respondents.

If you are a hiring company that collects job applications online, using file uploads can help you optimize the recruiting process by receiving resumes from your candidates directly through your job application form. It’s fast and you can download all resumes by the end of the day with just a click.

job application form with file upload

File uploads can be also used to collect important documents, for example in consulting or real estate. Customers or partners will just have to fill out a few fields and afterwards upload the needed documents before submitting the form.

If you need people to upload files, you will need to add the File Upload field to your web form. You will find it in the Editor section, under Basic fields. Just drag and drop it to the form.

Customizing your file upload field is easy. In the form editor, you can quickly change the label name anyway you want or remove it completely.

form editor - file upload field

A great aspect of the file upload field is that you have full control of it on your web form. You can limit the size of the upload and allow any file extension to be uploaded, or only certain file extensions to be used. Be that as it may, keep in mind that for each file upload field your respondents cannot upload files that are larger than 150 MB.

advanced file upload form field

Other features include limiting your respondents to upload one or more files through the same upload field and to allow folders.

store file uploads on 123formbuilder

Each upload is saved in a storage space of your 123FormBuilder account, referred to as the Uploads Manager, which is located in your account details.

123formbuilder uploads manager

Here you can download the files to your device, or see them directly by clicking them and delete them by your choice. All uploads are grouped per form, so it will be much easier for you to manage your files. You can download your files one by one or in bulk.

  • Use the boxes on the left to select the file(s) that you want to download
  • Click Download selected to get your file(s)
  • You cannot download more than 300 MB at a time
  • Click Delete selected if you want the file(s) removed from your storage space

Use the Dropbox integration to upload files to your Dropbox account through form submissions. Just head over to the applications page from Settings and enable the Dropbox integration on your form.

file upload forms - using dropbox

Connect the integration to your Dropbox account and you are set.

connect dropbox to file upload form

You can translate the text within the upload button in SettingsTranslations. Hover over the default language and select Customize. Next, go to the Form Field Instructions section and look for the text Upload. You can change that to any other text, for example Transfer Here. Save before existing and you are done. It’s as simple as that!

If you want to apply some styling to your file upload field, just go to Themes and use the custom CSS editor.

And this concludes our story about the File Upload field which we hope will clarify everything there is to know about it. Add it to your web form and start collecting files right away.


  1. When I submit a eform to my manager for approval, he cannot open my upload file .
    Please advise how to allow approver to view file before approval

    1. Hi Michael,

      If the person who has to approve the form is the form owner, he can see the uploaded file in the Submissions section. Only the form owner can have access to the Submissions section.

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