3 Smart Ways of Using Upload Forms


by 123FormBuilder

As mentioned before, upload fields are very versatile. You can create dedicated upload forms to receive files from you respondents, or you can integrate these fields into more complex forms. It’s a good idea to use them if you want to keep files centralized and easy to access instead of searching for them through your mail inboxes.

By now you might have some idea about what upload fields are capable of when put into forms. Learning by example is something we do here at 123FormBuilder, so here’s a list of examples to get inspired by

1. Medical Appointment Form

consultation form with upload

Some clinics have taken the step to digitize their practice, so they’ve introduced forms. In this example the file upload is very useful for receiving past consultation results which will be analyzed before the actual appointment by the doctor.

2. Employee Recruitment Form

recruitment form with upload

Mailing your CV the standard way is becoming slow, and has a risk of being lost in the awl place of news, sale offers and lunch ordering called the company inbox. Keep CV’s and photos of your potential employees centralized on our platform.

3. Cake Order Form

cake order form with upload

We’ve got a sweet one for you – a bakery is selling cakes that can be personalised with pictures. They use a file upload form to collect that picture from the customers, and then print them for people to eat!

This idea can be taken further for any business that offer customizable products to clients. Many companies that offer branded products such as pens, notebooks or even t-shirts are using such a form to get the logo from their customers.

By upgrading to Gold, you get 500MB of storage for getting all kinds of stuff from your users – pictures, music, docs and more. Do you know any other cool example in which upload fields would be wonderful? Write them in the comments!


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