Your Business In A Summer Attire: How To Handle Business Tasks In This Season


by 123FormBuilder

The summer season is just wonderful. Vacations, enjoying sundowns at the sea, sunbathing and relaxing, these are all gems we dream upon during the rest of the year. Though, when speaking of your business, summer can be a bit of a headache. While you enjoy those long and quiet summer nights, your business can’t really say the same. Customers and staff taking vacations are not the best thing for your company’s productivity and revenue. Plus, there’s also the time you want to take off for yourself – what does your business do while you’re away?

If you thought we’d offer you a magic solution (like leprechauns, for example), we’ll have to stay close to real things. However, considering the way web forms can handle some tricky data flows, I guess we could call that magic too.

The thing is that during summer business can be a bit more challenging to handle. Especially when you or your employees decide to leave on vacation, you need well-established workflows to not risk customer inquiries getting lost somewhere in a “vacation queue”. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to have some automated solutions to help you on the way.

At this point, it’s only fair to talk about your online forms and what they can do for your business during this hectic vacation time. So here are our suggestions on this matter.

A major good thing about web forms is that they are there for your customers and prospects. If you embed a contact form on your website, people will be able to find it and fill it out at any given time. This means that you don’t have to share a special contact method so that people can get in touch with you during the summer. Nor have you the task of carefully managing your inbox, as form submissions are all gathered strategically in the special section within your form builder account.

So this is a sure thing – using web forms is a reliable way to be accessible as a business. While I mentioned the contact form to you before, this does apply to any other form too – be it any type of inquiry form, order form, event registration form. The information is waiting for you when you are ready to browse through.

Another advantage about using web forms in the summer is that you can customize your settings so that you have all the right people and features involved. For example, if you, the CEO, decide to leave on vacation for two weeks, you can set the form notifications to be sent to the person replacing you. These roles are easy to manage, so you can change them again whenever you return from your leave.

What about taking care of customer inquiries and orders? Well, if there’s nobody left to handle the orders coming through the order form, and to send out the products to customers, then autoresponders might be lifesavers for you. You can set your form autoresponder to state any message you’d like. If you decide you can’t handle any order while you are away, the form autoresponder can tell people you will get back to them regarding their inquiry at a given time.

Payments can be accepted too while you are away, all with help of your web forms. As long as you choose the desired payment processors from the 123FormBuilder integration list, you are free to leave the transactions to your almighty forms.

Let’s not forget that forms can help you with something more than being there to gather the information for you. What I want to say with this is that you can use specific forms for certain summer campaigns or strategies. For example, if you decide to run a contest for your customers and prospects, a contest entry form will be in no-time by your side. Think of all the summer campaigns from major brands, hosting summer contests and trips or summer products as prizes.

Besides contest entry forms, you could also benefit from online surveys with summer topics, be they for research or just for fun. Whether you decide to go for research, or just want to keep things fun, surveys can be an engaging way for you to interact as a business with your audience. Additionally, they gather data for you and can also represent lead gathering tools, depending on the way you construct them.

Now that I mentioned the lead generation matter, web forms can help your lead generation efforts during summertime. As they are accessible among your audience, provide a great overview on submissions, and are able to deliver customized messages, forms are in fact a great ally for your lead generation.

As a conclusion, summertime can be a great time. For you, for sure. And for your business too, if you know how to streamline your work and make your business processes effective. So go pack your sunglasses, your beach towel and the sunscreen. Don’t worry about your web forms. They practically do the work for you.

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