When to Consider Using Mobile Surveys?


by 123FormBuilder

As we shift away to a mobile world, getting or staying in business implies serious consideration towards mobile support. And it’s not just software providers who are touched by the matter. First, business owners from most fields realized that online presence was beneficial for very web-unrelated products or services. Now, keeping pace with modern people means being available on their modern handheld devices. Some resent this and some appreciate the opportunity made available by technological progress. For, indeed, there is a vast and exciting amount of opportunity involved.

Which starts with ubiquity. Mobile websites and apps catch users anywhere. And mobile surveys work wonderful as marketing and marketing research instruments, for any type of product, service or cause. Here are 7 ways to increase visibility, popularity and overall success rates with mobile surveys.

  • Seize customers’ first impressions. Offer customers the possibility to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with point of sale experiences. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to gain truthful customer insight. Simply host a survey on your mobile website and use printed material to promote it.
  • Get real-time feedback at events. Invite participants to rate speakers, reception, catering service. On the one hand, omitted faults will be brought to your attention. On the other hand, the most accurate feedback is given during the event, when guests are directly subject to what they’re asked to evaluate.
  • HyperLocal surveys. Call on mobile device built-in GPS units to activate surveys. When customers enter business quarters, they’ll get an invitation to fill out your survey, which translates to amiability and active engagement in establishing customer connection.
  • QR codes. Quick Response codes are two-dimensional codes that can be scanned with modern handheld devices to link to web content. Get a QR code, display it somewhere in your store – or use more codes for different products – and link to your survey to get customer feedback.
  • Net Promoter Score. With Net Promoter Score, survey respondents fall into one of three categories: promoters, passives or detractors. A single question questionnaire asks them how likely they are to recommend your company to their peers, providing a 1 to 10 rating scale. NPS surveys result in simple charts that can serve as good starting points for further investigation on customer attitude and behavior.
  • Set up polls. Short polls starting with Do you think that, Do you approve of, Did you hear about and so on raise attention easily. Participants’ opinions are called for and the effort to share them is minimal. Create polls related to your field of interest and make sure they can be accessed from the bus station.
  • Like surveys? When pressed to take part in surveys, most people are hesitant or disinclined to do it. However, filling out a questionnaire on one’s own terms may often be perceived as relaxing and purposeful, turning surveys into silent, but good and mobile buddies. You may want to consider subscribing to mobile survey services, having users download the associated app and notifying them each time you’ve got a new survey up and running.

What mobile surveys are basically saying to users is: we want your opinion + we’re using modern tools and devices to get it = you’re a 2.5 social person whose opinion matters. Which works well for most. Hence, mobile surveys can easily increase product/service popularity and strengthen provider/user relationships.

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  1. Nice share, its more amazing to discover that, using mobile forms to collect feedback from customers gives us an opportunity to take actions in less time as the data collected can be examined in Real-Time, also with offline surveys the chances of negative review that go viral over internet could be reduced/controlled. After a lot of research we found an app that’s affordable and could perform even offline with data validation. The best part is, users can create mobile forms in minutes from the dashboard & publish it to the devices without even any knowledge in coding(programming).

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