What Makes A Great Online Form?


by 123FormBuilder

Since Tim Berners-Lee invented  the World Wide Web in 1989, it became the world’s most important means of communication ever known. Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. The web has fundamentally changed the way we live, work, entertain ourselves, discover and share news and ideas, communicate and connect with others. The wave of online businesses is growing and becoming indispensable, laying the foundations for a digital future.

In the online business world, interacting with visitors and attracting potential customers is extremely important. Online forms are the most important tool you have at hand for that.

In the past, we were used to collecting information through Word, PDF attachments or paper forms. But things have changed. Writing is more time consuming. Clicking is, of course, faster than writing and this saves a lot of time. Now it’s easier for your website visitors and customers to give you information but it’s also easier for you to manage that information.

But what makes a great online form? Is the length important? What about input validation?

Here are some points to keep in mind when creating an online form:

Short and sweet

When creating a form, always put yourself in the user’s shoes. Think about the amount of time he will spend filling out the form. It shouldn’t take long. A form should be short and simple, attractive and inviting. It’s better to only ask what you really need. Make sure everything is easy to understand. Don’t scare him away from the beginning!

Multi-Page Forms

Should you keep your form on a single page or break it into several different pages? When creating a form, you should collect the required information efficiently, but there is no one right approach when talking about the number of pages a form should have. Forms can’t always be short. Maybe you need more information from the user. If that’s the case, you can use multiple pages to split up a long form into sections.


Input default values

Prefilled values can help you create the best user experience by speeding up form filling, making it easier and ensuring that the information provided is correct.

You can use input default values not only to provide input suggestions and examples, but also to prefill the fields that users are probably not going to change.

input values

Get creative!

Create an attention- grabbing form by making it visually appealing. Find the style that works for you by playing with fore- and background colors, font styles and sizes. All of these options can be found in the Themes section.

Stand out from the crowd by letting your brand personality shine through! You can add your own logo to the form top bar. Be authentic! Knowing your customer and thinking about what you want to communicate to that customer is important. You can use interactive questions to increase response rates.


We hope you found these tips useful. Now it’s your turn to put all this information into practice! Log in or sign up for an account on 123FormBuilder and create your free online form.


  1. So more than a month ago I applied to have 123contact form be my provider for CRM. Instead – Captain form was uploaded to my site. I am still unable to get an opt-in bar on my front page that diverts to a page where I have a book pdf to download for the prospect.I am finding this particularly frustrating. I chose your service because you had live operators to answer questions. Don’t see them now….

    What is going on.
    Tsmmy Gilden

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