We’ve Launched a New Mobile App!


by 123FormBuilder

Ever wanted to view a form responses fast, or share the form link while on the go, even without a stable internet connection? You can now check your form responses directly on your phone, get the link to your form and more stuff with our newly launched mobile app on Android and iOS.

With the mobile & offline app, you will be able to fill out forms and manage entries without internet connectivity.

We’ve designed the app specially towards agents who do fieldwork in areas such as sales or constructions, as well as people that travel a lot.

Core capabilities:

  • Users can view and fill out forms on their mobile device online and offline. Even while in offline mode, all form features (like the conditional dynamic behavior) are preserved.
  • While in offline mode, collected data is stored on the device. When internet connectivity is reached, all data is synced in the cloud.
  • File uploads are supported in offline mode as well. This is especially useful when users need to take photos on the field.
  • Users can view and edit form entries both online and offline.
  • Forms are fully responsive, looking and working well on any mobile device.

You can find the app for Android here.

We hope that the app will come in handy for you too. More functionalities will be added soon to it so you can do even more for your forms on mobile devices. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  1. I could download and login to the IOS App. It showed my forms at first. But the forms and submission data are no longer showing up on the app. Something is not working on the app – more beta testing required ??? Any settings need ti be updated ?

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