Web Forms In The Media: Press Organization Streamlines Members’ Work


by 123FormBuilder

Here we are today with yet another case study to give you a better idea of all the ways in which 123FormBuilder web forms can be used. Bet you couldn’t imagine all the situations, did you?

Today’s hands-on feel on web forms is inspired by a Swedish based organization with international audience. PRESS24 is an organization founded back in 1987, dedicated to providing members with press cards. Journalists, photographers and writers can simplify their work by becoming members of Press24 and thus receiving press cards to employ in their activity.


Mikael Gustafsson, PRESS24’s founder, said that he needed a solution for handling online membership applications for their organization. Together with resolving the membership application matter, the solution should also provide the basic data for issuing the press cards. Mikael found that a neat resolving of the two tasks could take the shape of web forms.

At first, PRESS24 was using a handmade script, once they decided online forms could be the way to go for them. But as the handmade script had no options for graphic changes, it was more difficult to operate with it. The lack of flexibility and the effort it required made it clear that a handmade script wasn’t the best fit one can find. Plus, even though it did the job, the visual part of it was not as good as hoped for.

This is how Mikael came across 123FormBuilder and started creating the online membership application forms with our form builder.


Image courtesy of PRESS24

As you can see, PRESS24 uses a membership application form to ask for personal information required for creating the member profile and for issuing the press card. The handy file upload field has the task of gathering photos for the press cards, while applicants can also use the field to upload an optional signature to be included on the cards.

Because 123FormBuilder also integrates payments on forms, the membership application form is able to collect the one-time fee for membership to PRESS24.

What does Mikael think of his web form solution?

“123FormBuilder is the ultimate solution for us and our new members who make their applications online. The easy and correct way the forms make the notifications and delivery is the most important to us. Secondary is that they that look great and professional.”

If you also have a nice story about how you use 123FormBuilder, don’t keep it just for you – we’d be thrilled to hear about it!

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