Web Forms for Photographers: 1, 2, 3…Say Cheese!


by 123FormBuilder

As a photographer you’re in the position to record life’s most important moments. It’s up to you to capture the glow of a newlywed couple or the pure happiness of parents holding their newborn. Between the big moments your images also help remind us of the specialness of our everyday surroundings.

At 123FormBuilder we love visuals. What we also love is striving to help you organize your workload with web forms. For this blog, we’re marrying form and function. (See what we did there?) Here are a few of the forms photographers can use to simplify project management.

Photography Consultation Form

For new prospects, you can use a photography consultation form, like the one shown below. In this charming example, the photographer offers the couple the chance to get in touch to discuss a future photo shoot. They are asked for some initial information to help the photographer prepare. Clients are also asked the wedding date, with help of a Google calendar field.


Photography Shoot Booking Form

An alternative to the photography consultation form is the photography shoot booking form, where your customers actually book you for a shooting. The Google calendar integration is really useful here. It sends the appointments to your calendar, so you don’t risk missing a meeting or overbooking. You can host it on your website, as well as share the link across other communication channels you may use for your clients.

Wedding/Event Photography Booking Form

The wedding photography booking is similar to the general booking form. It mentions that it’s dedicated to wedding photography, so it’ll only handle this type of shoot. The good thing about this form is that you can include all the fields you need to get a complete overview of the ceremony and reception. Details about the date, the venue, the number of guests, the bride’s and groom’s attire can help you plan your photo shoot thoroughly. Use our multi-page feature if you feel like the form is getting too long.

You can copy this form to make another booking form for general events. Just remove the references to wedding, bride, groom, and so forth.

Win a Free Shoot Form

Build customer engagement with a raffle. This can help you attract new leads when potential customers share their contact information to enter the contest. Share the form across multiple channels, so that it reaches as many people as it can. Just to name a few channels, you can publish the form on your website, blog, share the link via social media (did you know you can use our Hootsuite integration?), or within your emails.

Photography Agreement Form

Next on our list is the photography agreement form. This form can aid you in establishing a contract between you and your customers. Everything you discuss with them should be recorded in case your recollections don’t match the client’s. The electronic signature field lets your client sign the form, and the print feature allows them to have a hard copy of the form.

Photo Release Form

You’re about to shoot a dream wedding or gala, and wouldn’t it look stunning on your website and brochures? Not so fast! You just have to make sure your
client and their guests consent to having their image used in your advertisements. Many people would be flattered to be featured but some prefer to stay private. We created an easy Photo Release Form template for this essential form.

Photography Order Form

After the job is done you can continue to sell prints, discs and downloads of the photos in your shoot. All you need to get started is our handy Photography Order Form template. Drag, drop and click your way to continued revenue for your work.
Make your form as smart as you need with email notifications, anti-spam protection, live payment gateways, and more.

Photography Workshop Registration Form

Have you ever thought about conducting a workshop? Gather participants using a photography workshop registration form. If you host workshops, this form is a valuable tool for you. Workshop examples include technique tutorials for other photographers and workshops for future brides, teaching them how to pose. Use a payment processor integration if you want to set a fee for participants.

We hope this list simplifies your workflow so you can spend more time behind the lens. Feel free to share other form suggestions in the comments. And why not also share some of your awesome images with us?

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