Web Forms For HR And Company Owners – Benefits And Tips


by 123FormBuilder

Are your employees highly engaged and satisfied with their job? How do they communicate with their manager or within their department? How do they perceive their colleagues? Are they satisfied with their salary and work environment?

What motivates them?

For you as the owner of a company, the answer to these questions is extremely valuable and your HR specialist can help you achieve that. Employees are not only the most important part of a company. Actually, they are the company. And as any company goes through a continuously developing process, finding out more about its employees, teams and departments can result in tangible benefits.

Information is gold, you already know this. But how can you know more about your employees? The answer is simple: with surveys. Surveys are perfect for discovering more about the intrinsic needs and requirements of employees, cross-departmental communication, experience, and motivation. At the same time, they provide precious pieces of information and understanding on how the company is perceived by its employees.

The feedback can be used to make smarter future decisions, allow the company to know its strengths and weaknesses and also to facilitate development and various changes. For example, an employee evaluation survey can simplify decision making and prevent potential issues.

Complex Forms Made Easy To Build

With a form builder such as 123FormBuilder you can make any web form for HR and management extremely effective and you can customize it accordingly to your needs. You can start with a free form template or you can create your own survey from scratch.

And that’s not all! You have the possibility to integrate 3rd party apps such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, SalesForce and more. Planning to reach a cross-channel audience? Yes, you are able to do this. By using our form builder, your surveys can be easily and quickly published on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Make all surveys more engaging by setting up custom notification emails, choose the multi-language option, establish rules to show or hide the fields you want based on users’ answers. The user-friendly 123FormBuilder drag&drop interface makes the process of building a web form for HR and management as easy as 1-2-3!

Create The Web Form That Meets Your Needs

Online forms for HR and company owners can be created in a few minutes on a wide variety of topics such as recruitment, communication with management, exit interviews and employee remuneration. Additionally, they can be used for career development and training, management effectiveness, job satisfaction, exit interview, employee or department engagement and leadership.

An HR Specialist can get insight from employees and know more about their opinions with the help of a staff satisfaction survey. The survey can be customized to request any type of information and need.

Don’t forget about the evaluation! It’s also a must. Evaluating team performance on multiple dimensions leads to improvements and provides details on how the members of a team behave and collaborate. Based on these results, managers can make effective future decisions.

Thinking about hiring new people? Then you may need a job application survey. This type of survey can be customized for specific requirements and is very useful for discovering more about your future employees faster and easier.

As you can see, there are many ways to discover more about a company and its employees. The beauty of web forms for HR is that they can be easily customized for any company, too. You just have to choose the template you want, incorporate your logo, use domain aliasing to enhance your business, use Facebook or Twitter integration if you need it and redirect the user on any page you want. Or, you can try the White Label Form Builder to brand your surveys and account.

Tips On How To Get Deeper Insight From Your Employees

Keep in mind that every employee has his own opinion and voice, but these are now always heard. By using one of the above-mentioned types of online forms, you engage all teams and understand your employees’ perceptions about the company and their work better, creating a more effective and happier work environment. Are you worried about authenticity? Well, you shouldn’t. There are a few tips on how to get the right and true response from your employees such as:

  • don’t use technical, complicated or corporate language; instead, use a conversational tone

  • ask questions related only to the things your employees are interested in

  • offer incentives such as small gifts

  • make it anonymous when possible in order to get a deep, real insight

  • emphasize the idea that their responses will be confidential

It’s easy to make smart decisions for your business by taking these surveys seriously. Online forms are the best way to let your employees express their opinions and discover how you can improve multiple aspects related to your company. What type of survey do you need for your business?

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