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Sometimes it seems like everything around us revolves around numbers. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Numbers are known to give stability, they state facts and can be used as a ground base to start new initiatives or to take better decisions. More and more business processes need to have solid results and must be expressed in numbers. We seek for return on investment in any action that our business takes.

It is a need of our generation, and we know it. That is why we know that even forms and surveys must give this alternative for their data to be expressed in numbers. And here come on stage our wonderful web form and survey reports, an asset of using 123FormBuilder, a tool which can take you to the next level.
Charts can simplify workflow, can offer clear results and help to envision an overview of certain situations. If you still wonder how you can use reports in your business, let’s take a few simple use cases to the reports’ functionality.

Place an order

Here, we can give you one of our own favorite instances of usage. You probably noticed that our amazing team has grown and we are brighter than ever. And that is not only because we have beautiful rainbow t-shirts. Still, for those t-shirts, we used reports to place the order instead of opening a never-ending email thread. It was way easier to follow and to submit. We designed a cool order form that everyone filled with their desired color and size. At the end, we knew exactly how many t-shirts we needed and in how many colors they should come. The web form report was generated in a jiffy. In this way we saved time and streamlined the purchase. You can use it internally, when placing orders of any type. It can also be a good start for evaluating preferences and knowing your employees better. Don’t you think so?

 create web form and survey reports

Overview research

Since we are talking about researching trends, a free online survey maker can be really helpful. Conducting an ample research needs a reliable presentation method to view result at any given moment. With 123FormBuilder you can customize form reports so that they will show only the information you need. If you present them in tables or pie charts, they offer a friendly interface and results that are easy to follow and measure. You can view the exact number of answers for each question and the percentage spread for every option within choice fields. You can duplicate reports and edit them separately, this way you can generate multiple charts to show different results. They can be exported to PDF and sent via email to all interested parties.

Conduct voting sessions

Voting can be a good way to let employees participate in the decision making process as well as a manner to encourage communication and feedback. Since we recently launched our online polls, you can now benefit from updated reports that can be made public and shared with respondents. Adding an Update button for reports can assure your employees view real-time results and can foresee the final outcome. You can choose to use public reports to help you in finding employee of the month, new team leaders or any other decision that can benefit from the involvement of employees.

From simple lead generation forms to complex researches, all web form and survey reports can be a good opportunity to see and present results. Reports are simple to generate, customizable and handy. Make sure you know how to use them and they will help you to better assimilate data and draw appropriate conclusions.

How do you use form and survey reports in your business?
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