Using Facebook Pixel Tracking on Your Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Just when you thought you’d tracked every conversion out there, here one you won’t want to miss, friend!

When you advertise with a boosted Facebook posts, you have the option to track its performance by planting a tracker in your forms.

In case you’re curious, the tracker is called a pixel because of the way it works: a conversion causes a very tiny image (1 pixel by 1 pixel) to be loaded on the confirmation page after a user submits a form. Each time an image loads, that counts as one conversion.

From our documentation, here is a step-by-step guide to Facebook conversion tracking:

  1. Visit your Ads Manager on Facebook. Navigate to Tools → Create a Pixel → View Pixel Code
  2. Copy and paste the meat of the code into a plain text file (e.g., Notepad on PC, TextEdit on Mac).

    Start with:


    End with:


    Weird? Don’t worry, there will be some code left over that you will use later!

  3. Save the file with the extension .js.
  4. Upload the file to a trusted web host, preferably your own.
  5. Go to your form in 123FormBuilder and find Settings → Advanced. Check the box beside Add a JS script to the Thank You page of your form. A box will open. Paste the link to the JS file on your web host.
  6. adding facebook conversion js to the thank you page of the web form

  7. Save.
  8. Go to Notifications → Thank You Page and Redirects and check off Show HTML Block.
  9. Click the <> button on the top right side of the editor. Paste the rest of the code that is left from Facebook, except for the stuff between the <noscript> tags.

This seems a little tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Your online form should immediately start tracking in the Ads Manager section on Facebook.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you run into any issues.

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