Two-Step Authentication – Data Protection Brought To A High Level


by 123FormBuilder

As new requirements and changes regarding cloud solutions and businesses emerge, new methods of protection should be considered. If until now you could only log into your 123FormBuilder account through a one-step process, we have now added an optional extra security layer. We brought data protection to a higher level through a two-step authentication process to ensure that no one has access to your personal data and account.

The two-step authentication process involves an extra step to your login. It also means that a user has to enter two types of data: the first one is what the user knows (such as a password and username) and the second consists of something that the user has access to (such as a mobile phone app that generates codes).

Two-step authentication is vital for cloud computing solutions and businesses as it protects important data. The process strengthens security, making much difficult for someone to pretend he is you. This type of authentication has been tested rigorously and built on great security policies. In addition, it increases users’ confidence and can easily be integrated with other services. Moreover, it ensures protection regardless of how users access data. To provide even more protection, you can also use password protection, Captcha images or country filter.

2 step authentication

To use this new authentication, you need to follow a few steps. Although this process may seem complicated, you will learn the steps involved very easily once you do this once. Thus, it will not burden you. Our two-step authentication has been built with your needs in mind and is very effective as it prevents intrusion into your account and the risk of stealing extremely important data. Additionally, a great advantage of a two-step authentication is the fact that it also protects data from keyloggers, phishing, malware and spyware.

When logging in, the user has to provide his 123FormBuilder account password and then to provide a code that is displayed on the device set for authentication. The code changes after some time, so it can be used only once. Thus, it’s more difficult for someone who has stolen the username and the password to enter your account. Two-step authentication is a great way to provide both a user-friendly experience and security, eliminating issues.

What do you think about our two-step authentication? Feel free to tell us your opinions, suggestions or ask us anything you need to know!

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