Two Aces For The Business Marketing Toolkit: ExactTarget and 123FormBuilder


by 123FormBuilder

In the conditions of a dynamic and constantly evolving market, juggling with the marketing and communication components of a business gets harder and harder. Solution providers have sensed these difficulties, thus they’ve come up with the right tools and apps to help you stay afloat with your business.

An essential software for business use is ExactTarget, a top provider on marketing automation and analytics software. ExactTarget’s solutions help you with mobile, email, social and online marketing activities, aiming to relieve the work of busy professionals.

As you may already know, 123FormBuilder partnered with ExactTarget, resulting the 123FormBuilder integration. The basic idea behind the integration is to allow you to create and use web forms, which are tailored exactly to your business needs, and be able to insert them in your emails send throughout your mailing campaigns. Also, the integration enables you to gather contact data for your ExactTarget subscribers lists automatically at every form entry.

To take a closer look, there are two major takeaways of using the 123FormBuilder app from the ExactTarget Hubexchange:
1. Create any type of form you need and insert it in your emails. At this point, you have the power to decide upon the form type, then select all the form fields you need for your form, define your theme and customization options, set notifications and security preferences and decide whether to integrate payment options onto the form.
Eventually, when done, the form will be added to your ExactTarget account, from where you can insert it in the email templates of your choice. In the emails your customers will receive, the form will be shown as a link. When the forms are filled out, you’ll get the submissions straight to your inbox.


2. Send data from the forms into your ExactTarget lists. This feature is extremely useful since it is a basic ally in saving time: Information like contact details, product preferences of your customers, birthdays and any other information from fields can be sent to your lists.


To sum up, there’s a double benefit of using this killer combination of 123FormBuilder and ExactTarget: spread your message among your audience members AND gather leads and other type of information based on their submissions.

One more perk of 123FormBuilder are the prefilled form fields. How can these help you? Simple – they allow you to include predefined content in the forms your users will get to fill. Such content can refer to names, mailing address, email, and other. The advantage of these fields lies in the fact that they spare customers from filling out the same information, thus they can work as an enticement to completing the form, as well as an engaging customer experience when they see you remember them.

Use cases of 123FormBuilder

To see what this dedicated app can do for your business, we will take the example of a personalized gifts-selling company. Let’s call it GiftSachet.

GiftSachet offers a wide selection of all kinds of gifts – mugs, pens, calendars, cup warmers, bags, t-shirts, watches and many more. They sell their personalized objects to anyone in the search for an original gift idea – may it be individuals or companies.

Imagine the following scenario: while starting out as a very small company selling only to acquaintances, GiftSachet increased rapidly in size and order volume of their merchandise. Thus, they’ve found themselves in need to automate part of the processes like promotions, marketing communications and information gathering, as they couldn’t keep up with the fast pace.

Molly, the owner of GiftSachet, had the wonderful idea to try out 123FormBuilder, as the perfect combination between a marketing automation platform and the form building capabilities.


Let’s assume that GiftSachet was, in its essence, not a unique idea of business, as there are other providers out there offering the same type of services. Hence, GiftSachet ought to be different in one way or another. That is why they decided to focus on aspects like getting customer feedback, organizing contests, offering freebies, using an efficient ordering system and running regular promotions.

After analyzing how to best spread the message across their customers, GiftSachet went with creating a web form for each type of objective and send it through email to their customers. This way, people could see emails where:
– they were able to find out about the season promotions, special deals or holiday offers, directly from their inbox; if they wanted to order some mugs from the holiday collection, they just needed to click on the order form link from inside the email body
– they were asked about their feedback through the link to a customer feedback survey; GiftSachet is using this type of tool to continue improving its service and keeping its customers loyal
– they could enter different contests with special prizes consisting of personalized gifts
– they had the option to get little things such as a pen or a mini calendar for free, just by filling out a couple of information fields from the freebie form.

Moreover, besides the part of optimizing the message delivery among their customers and thus creating more compelling calls to action directly from the emails, GiftSachet also used 123FormBuilder to send key-data to the ExactTarget lists. For example, it was useful to know which customers came from companies and had a large order volume, because they could benefit of special company discounts. Individuals with repeated orders were also stored as contacts with associated order details, so that they could receive personalized offers.

Through the fictional example of GiftSachet, you can see what 123FormBuilder can do for you – whether it’s communication enhancement, marketing automation or more efficient information gathering. It’s only up to you to maximize the power of 123FormBuilder for your specific business needs.


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