Tuesday Template: The Request A Quote Form For Service Providers


by 123FormBuilder

Are you looking for a house evaluation before deciding to sell your property? Do you need a plumber to stop by your house to fix that broken pipe from the basement? Or do you want to know how much it would cost to install the new lighting system in your company? If the answer would be yes to any of the above, normally your next step would be to look out for a service provider and claim an offer.

For all businesses that provide services, our online request a quote form should be a basic component of your business website. Why is that, you’re asking? It’s simple: because it’s fast, easy and comfortable to tailor a personalized offer based on each customer’s requirements, and to manage all of your visitors’ requests whenever you want.


Who can use a request a quote form? Basically anyone whose business is offering a type of service can benefit from this kind of form. See some example areas below:
– maintenance                                      – construction
– architecture                                       – evaluation
– consultation                                       – marketing
– publication                                         – translations
– software development                     – web design
– accounting                                         – event management
– catering                                               – freelancing
…and the list can go on.

How can the request a quote form help you?

First of all, you probably already know that you can add and delete any fields you like from the template, in order to create the form that best fits your needs and serves your interest.

The most common types of fields and information types on a request a quote form are: the customer’s project type, project description, due date, budget, the customer’s contact details, and the requested service. Additionally, you can choose to include an upload field, so that respondents are able to provide more detailed material in their project, such as location plans, photos, sketches and others. (You can also use a ready-made file upload form in conjunction with your request a quote form.)

For further business management enhancement, you can integrate your request a quote form with Google Calendar. By doing so, your clients will fill in the due dates of their projects or of desired appointment dates, which will be automatically added to your calendar. From there, you can easily track them and see if something interferes with your already scheduled events.

If you need a more complex system to manage your business’ sales, customer support, marketing and inventory, the 123FormBuilder integration with Zoho CRM or the Salesforce integration will aid you in the process. Both of them import leads and information from your form submissions straight to your CRM account. And from there, it’s your choice how to handle the information.

With your customers in mind, you can create personalized autoresponders which can be triggered by specific rules. Let’s say, for example, you offer real estate services. If a customer is stating they want a home evaluation, you send them a different response compared to when they’d want to buy a property. Thus, you can create a rule that triggers 2 different autoresponders:
1. when selecting “Home evaluation”, the customer can receive an autoresponder containing some key information to have in mind about the evaluation process
2. when selecting “Buy a property”, the trigger can send out an autoresponder with a link to the latest available properties.

Not to forget, our forms and templates can be personalized, branded and colored to fit your style and your needs. It’s up to you if you want a simple, clean web form, or if you want to add some customization options to it. Below you can see what a form of this type could look like.


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